Science and industry

POMA designs, builds and installs customized and reliable transportation systems for scientific and industrial applications. Regardless of the environmental challenges, the requirements of industrial processes, or the care necessary in transporting materials, POMA guarantees tailored and efficient transportation solutions.

Industrial transportation optimized by the rope


Ropeway technology provides an elegant solution to industrial transportation. The technology requires very little space on the ground and meets even the strictest environmental requirements in mountainous regions, environmentally sensitive areas and dense urban settings.

Using the experience acquired in mountain ropeway installations, POMA provides industrial sites with aerial ropeway transportation solutions that provide the highest availability on the market, even in extreme climates.

Over short or long distances, ropeway systems ensure reliable and efficient industrial transportation that leaves a very low environmental footprint when compared to other road and rail solutions.

For materials and goods transportation, POMA provides a range of innovative and reliable solutions: aerial trams, flying belts, cable cranes, and funicular railways.

For High-Tech and Sciences applications, POMA provides state-of-the-art solutions using automatic, driverless technology.


Extraordinary installations. All over the world

  • Atomic Energy & Alternative Energies Commission / CEA - Grenoble (France)
  • Vicat goods aerial ropeway - Grenoble (France)
  • 2S goods aerial ropeway - City of Sao Paulo, Apiai (Brazil)
  • Goods aerial ropeway Doe Run Peru - La Oroya (Peru)
  • Flying Belt - Gignac (France)
  • Canal lock winch and automated systems - Kemps (France)

POMA. Serving scienceS and industry

  • Dedicated expertise and customer focus
  • Customized, turnkey solutions
  • High installation availability
  • Environmentally friendly transportation