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PORTO, Portugal


When in the heart of the metropolis, the management of multiple flows of passengers lead to mixed transport solutions, flexibility is the ideal alternative. By its modularity and its integration ability, the performance of the funicular provides a connection between a bus and a subway station. Seduced by this modern sustainable alternative the company PORTO 2001 / Casa Da Musica chose the solution Funicular railway by POMA.

Technical data :
Length 281 m
Vertical rise 61 m
Max. operating speed 5 m / s
Debit per hour 515 p / hr X 2
Vehicle capacity 25 pers.
Total Number of vehicles 2



Multimodal device, the funicular railway ensures an effective link between a bus station and a subway station. Its concept of a 3 segment track - surface, viaduct, underground- ensures a perfect integration with the urban environment.

Autonomous Operation

Automatic doors, video control, infrared tunnel monitoring, the funicular provides a secure autonomous operation.

Vehicle with levelling correction

In Porto, there are too many significant differences in the angle of the slope which could affect the comfort of the passengers. 
The POMA solution ... Equip the vehicles with automatic leveling.
Result ... A cabin always horizontal, with an ideal welcome.

One way track

The crossing area allows the use of 2 vehicles in a single track: the creation of an infrastructure towards a lighter, more integrated, optimized landscape.


Machinery with asynchronous motor and gearbox. Compact, silent and composed of standard equipment.

Emergency battery

During a power breakdown, the emergency battery backup allows the return of the vehicles to the station. Solar panels recharge the batteries.

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