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Your usage needs evolve...
From design to landscaping, POMA is your unique partner to help you adapt your installations to the new developments in your network cable transport.


Mission Type

  • Full renovation of gondola lift
  • Retrofit of Aerial tramways
  • Replacement of the cabins
  • Upgrading of detachable stations
  • Upgrading of gondola lifts




Retrofit of the full installation

The Gondola Lift Tougnète
Main access from the Méribel valley, this high attendance gondola liaises between Les 3 Vallées and Méribel. To provide ideal transport comfort and maintain the service performance of this strategic unit, renovation was needed. Seduced by the project, and ability to re-use existing components, for a reduced intervention budget, the company MERIBEL ALPINA chose the POMA solution.


  • Integrate the cable cars into the existing buildings
  • Provide maximum comfort to passengers
  • Optimize maintenance costs

Type of intervention

  • Project Engineering
  • Full renovation of stations and tracks
  • Replacement of vehicles by DIAMOND SIGMA 6 cabins with integrated suspension systems
  • Renovation of the line, design of crossarms for specific latticed towers
Replacement of cabins

The Gondola Lift Les Grangettes
This gondola lift  provides the connection between the resorts of Courchevel 1550 and Courchevel 1850. Strategic lift, its high attendance and extended operating range (up to 20 h) requires a maximum availability and continuity of service possible. Seduced by the comfort of the Diamond cabins, and driven by the desire to provide an excellent service, in the same image as Courchevel, the company S3V chose the POMA solution.


  • Ensure operations continuity
  • Make the lift reliable, maximize service availability
  • Raise current safety standards

Type of intervention

  • Installation of new Diamond 4 cabins
  • Modernize the tracks
Full Relifting of Aerial Tramways

Aerial Tramway El Madania - ALGIERS, Algeria
Aerial Tramway Mémorial - ALGIERS, Algeria
Aerial Tramway Palais de la Culture - ALGIERS, Algeria
Aerial Tramway Notre Dame d’Afrique - ALGIERS, Algeria

In Algiers, 4 POMA lifts are at the heart of the transportation network in the city. Installed in the early 1980s, their success reveals the image of the daily incessantly growing usage. After nearly 30 years of service, and tens of millions of passengers, the company ETUSA chose the POMA solution to ensure the fully integrated renovation.


  • Offer operational performance, at a minimal cost
  • Optimize passenger comfort
  • Raise current safety standards
  • Control the operation budget

Type of intervention

  • Electrical Renovation
  • Replacement of hauling and tracking ropes
  • Upgrading / optimization of drive equipement and tension systems
  • Replacement of carriers and cabins
  • Major inspection
Upgrading of Gondola Lift

Gondola Skyride
ALTON TOWERS, United Kingdom
At Alton Towers, visitors to the park pass by cable to the discovery of the many attractions available ... In operation for over 20 years, the  gondola lift was no longer of the quality image desired by the Park. Seduced by the global project to update the lift, the Alton Towers company, the Subsidiary of Merlin Entertainments Group Limited chose the POMA solution.


  • Provide maximum comfort to passengers
  • Increase the availability of the equipment, maintain the operation
  • Optimize maintenance costs

Type of intervention

  • Replacement of cabins
  • The Installation of a sound system for the cabins - MP3 technology
  • Replacement of electrical power cabinets
Modernization of stations

Gondola Lift Les Airelles
From the resort of Font Romeu, the Airelles gondola lift is the only access to the Pyrénées 2000 ski area. Wishing to maintain the performance and reliability of this strategic axis, and provide optimal service availability, the company Altiservice chose the POMA solution.


  • Ensure continuity and availability through the use of standard components
  • Optimize maintenance costs
  • Raise to current safety standards

Type of intervention

  • Engineering of the project
  • Complete renovation of stations and tracks
  • Special Inspection of vehicles
  • Electrical Modernization
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