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Ski Area Land Management



Your domain is evolving...
Reorganization of the domain, developing new areas for slopes, creation of specific leisure spaces, new expectations of skiers ... POMA accompanies you in the study and implementation of your new directions, with solutions adapted to the current developments in the skiing domain.

Mission Type

  • Upgrading from fixed chairlifts into detachable chairlifts
  • Removing of lifts
  • Relocation of the installations
  • Increased of capacity




Ski Area land Management - Villard de Lans

The ski area Villard de Lans, France
Grand Canyon chair lift / Grand Buisson chair lift
For several winters, the use of the domain has become increasingly higher. To maintain an ideal welcoming, it has become essential to optimize access and traffic flow on strategic points. Born from an effective dialogue, and brought together by the vision of a modern and sustainable development, a precise redevelopment plan that has been put into practice. Seduced by this project, and its ability to deploy content into a budget, the company SEVLC chose the POMA solution.


  • Improve the image of theski resort
  • Optimize the welcome and manage the flow of skiers
  • Reduce the waiting time for the skiers
  • Develop new ski slopes

Type of intervention

  • Transformation of a 4-seater fixed chairlift to a detachable 6-seater chairlift
  • Re-location of the retrofitted fixed 4-seat chairlift
Area Land Management - Daemyung

Chair lift 5
Daemyung ski resort recently has built itself an image as a leader with an ultra-modern capacity, and an excellent customer service. The choice of a regular renewal of its fleet of lifts, allows their installations to be constantly at the fore front of technology ... The fixed lifts are replaced by detachable chairlifts, these are replaced with the latest generation high capacity models. Appliances are replaced, reconditioned, and then relocated to boost certain sectors or create new spaces. Seduced by the diversity and scalability of the range POMA the company Daemyung Leasure Co. Ltd has chosen POMA’s Global offer.


  • Optimize the flow of skiers
  • Reduce the skiers waiting time
  • Maintain the image of a ski resort leader

Type of intervention

  • Relocation of a detachable 4-seater chairlift
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