Cable cranes

Crossing hilly terrain and places difficult to access by road, transportation of large quantities of materials, the scope of the applications and uses of the POMA Cable cranes range have produced theideal transport solution. POMA designs and installs high performance Cable cranes that guarantee reliability even in the most extreme conditions.

The cable crane, a simple and efficient system

The Cable crane is a ropeway with a hoisting system controlled from one of the stations. This device includes:

  • blondin_accompagnementOne or several hauling and carrying cables.
  • Hoisting cable
  • Carriage with hoisting tackle
  • Hoisting cable controls (located in a station)
  • A small raising rope (located in a station)

Three types of Cable cranes are available, with effective load on a hook of up to 50 tons:

  • Radial Cable cranes
  • Parallel Cable cranes
  • Oscillating Cable cranes

The POMA Cable crane offers numerous advantages. The Cable crane hook, operating at high speed, making it possible to reach any position in the work zone. It therefore improves the logistical efficiency of the site installation and avoids building roads or other access routes.

Some installations across the world

  • Barragem do Tua Cable crane, FOZ TUA (Portugal)
  • Punatsangchhu 1 Cable crane, Punatsangchhu (Boutan)
  • Viaduc HOOVER DAM BRIDGE Cable crane, Nevada (USA)

The cable crane by POMA

  • Simplicity and Efficiency
  • Solution for performance
  • Eco-responsible transport
  • High clearance capacity