Detachable grip chairlift eezii®

POMA has always proven its capacity for innovation that meets the needs and expectations of clients and users all over the world. Upholding their reputation, the Group is investing in a new industrial process - the eezii ® detachable grip chairlift -an innovating concept that ensures the durability of ski areas worldwide.

Eezii® a new way of designing chairlifts 

For POMA, eezii® represents more than just a product, it is a genuine innovation that serves operators.

The eezii® process is founded on 3 axes: efficiency, performance and eco-responsibility. With
its eezii detachable grip chairlift ®POMA sets the bar for efficient chairlifts.

At POMA, eezii®
 is an innovative program and process that represents the Group's combined expertise. All those involved participate in its success: partnerships, operators, subsidiaries.

is above all:

  • Total comfort and optimal safety
  • Maximal accessibility
  • Simplified HMI
  • Optimized construction and reduced maintenance costs

The eezii detachable grip chairlift ® provides a solution to a clearly indicated need for installations that are sober, simple and easy.

Some installation examples

      • eezii chairlift ® les Estaris, Orcières Merlette (France)
      • eezii chairlift ® Mont Rond, Notre-Dame-de-Bellecombe (France)
      • eezii chairlift ® Portes du Soleil, Chatel (France)

Eezii ® chairlift in brief

    • Total comfort and optimal safety
    • Maximal accessibility
    • Eco-responsible process
    • The Man Machine interface simplified
    • An optimized future construction and maintenance costs