Multix Detachable grip chairlift

Be transported to the slopes sitting down comfortably to enjoy the ride full of stunning landscapes, this is POMA's promise with the Multix detachable grip chairlift. For 80 years, the POMA Group has used their mountain knowledge, expertise and experience for the benefit of millions of travellers and ski domain operators all around the world.

Pleasure and peace : the Multix guarantee

Multix answers all your requirements. produit_telesiege_multix_accAbove all else skiers need :

  • Comfort, to fully appreciate the landscape,
  • Silent and fast transportation to enjoy a calm trip

The trip is fast and gentle from the departure to arrival at the station (up to 6 metres/sec). The
chairlift slows down in the departure and arrivals in the station, the grip releases, leaves the rope to join up with the rope on leaving the station. These functions enable smooth boarding.

The Multix Gondola adapts to all boarding station configurations, standard or equipped with a positioning carpet to enable increased capacities.

Multix, comfort and durable performance

POMA provides skiers with a unique travelling experience. The Multix Gondola is proof that comfort, safety, performance and durability come together for the pleasure of all users :

  • Configurable in 4, 6, 8 or 8-seats
  • Carriers composed of two levels of shock absorption
  • Wide seats
  • Adaptable boarding and alighting speeds
  • produit_telesiege_multix_acc2Transportation speed up to 6 metres a second
  • Customized lift depending on requirements

This Multix Gondola can transport up to 4 400 people an hour. These seats offer numerous modular options to improve the passengers tranquillity :

  • Universal system that limits the space under the guard rail
  • Guard rail locking system to prevent the passenger lifting it at the wrong time
  • Visual seat identification using customizable colored seat cushions in your establishment's colours

Prestigious installations for reaching the summits !

Many ski resorts all over the world have already adopted the Multix, proof that its quality fulfils the skiers' and operators' expectations.

  • Multix Detachable grip chairlift Les Colosses, La Plagne ( France)
  • Multix Detachable grip chairlift Rosa Khutor - H1 section 1, Sochi (Russia)
  • Multix Detachable grip chairlift Procloup, Avoriaz (France)
  • Multix Detachable grip chairlift Vivaldi Park (South Korea)
  • Multix Detachable grip chairlift Blue Bird Express, Mount Snow (USA)
  • Multix Detachable grip chairlift Pamporovo (Bulgaria)
  • Multix Detachable grip chairlift Petit Chamossaire, Villars (Switzerland)
  • Multix Detachable grip chairlift Pyramides, Val d’Isère (France)

MULTIX's daily commitment  

  • Speed and Performance
  • Comfort and Silence
  • Availability and Durability