POMA established its subsidiary in Moscow, Russia in January 2013. Our Russian division reflects the vision and commitment of the Group: being out in the field, close to our customers and local inhabitants to better understand their culture, natural surroundings and their social, economic and political life.

Expertise in ropeway transportation in the heart of a vast territory

site_P1195381Thanks to the POMA Group's expertise and experience, the new subsidiary POMA Russia operates throughout Russia and also in the Commonwealth of Independent States. POMA Russia participated in the creation of the installations in Sotchi. They are currently creating installations in Arkhyz, Elbrus and Kok Tobe (Kazakhstan).

POMA Russia strengthens its expertise with local representatives, both public and private, to meet the grand expectations that this country has to develop ropeway transportation solutions (aerial trams, Automatic People Movers® and industrial ropeways).

POMA Russia's daily commitment

  • Customer-focused & Expertise
  • Long-term social and economic responsibility
  • Commitment and Availability


9, Bolshaya Tatarskaya str., Moscow 115184 , Russia
+7(495) 488-68-95