An aerial tramway on the largest hydroelectric facility in Ecuador

POMA_COCACODO320170A very unique monocable aerial ropeway—the Coca Codo Sinclair—was inaugurated on 15 march, at the heart of the Amazonian forest, on the site of the largest hydroelectric facility in Ecuador.

The installation is private and is part of the global 1500 MW hydroelectric dam project that is already in operation. It will transport maintenance personnel on the site and will also welcome visitor groups next year. Before, the two stations could only be reached after driving for 1.5 hours. The connection is now made in only 4 minutes!

-The gondola lift has the longest span in hauling monocable installations: 1050 meters.
-The carriers are equipped with a unique LP double grip, designed for this lift.
-The inclined G1 line gauge is 12.2 meters (2 return sheaves) and 6.1 meters at G2 (tensioning drive station with fixed anchoring).
-The lift operates like an aerial tramway, based on the installations and experience obtained at the Petit Moriond in Courchevel.