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The Russian Federation’s ropeway transportation expert.

Ropeway transportation expert, from mountains to cities

In 2000, POMA built the first installation in Russia, and set up its subsidiary, POMA Russia, in Moscow in 2013. The subsidiary is in contact with its local, public and private partners every day, from Russia and the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States), to jointly develop mobility solutions. POMA LLC-Russia was responsible for the urban gondola lift in Nizhny Novgorod, which passes over the Volga river for 3.7 km, and continues to support the development of booming ski resorts in the North Caucasus.



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Support with new projects

As soon as the concept is created, we analyse all the data available in order to propose the most optimal ropeway transportation solution that meets the needs of the customer and satisfies all the requirements and legislative standards in force.

Engineering studies

Our teams carry out all the engineering studies for the design and construction. We represent the interests of the customer at all government agencies that require the engineering studies to be approved.

Design approval

POMA Russia carries out the design work in full compliance with the Russian regulation of 16-02-2008 No 87, which provides for approval by all state structures to be obtained quickly and for the project to be protected by a federal autonomous institution, at the “Main Department of State Expertise”.

We are already at the project approval stage with the GGE and are starting to roll out Step P of the project, which significantly reduces the publication time for the work documentation so that ropeway construction can start as soon as possible.

Manufacture of equipment for the Russian market

POMA Russia produces part of its own ropeway transportation equipment on Russian Federation territory, in the Kabardino-Balkarian Republic, in the National Ropeways subsidiary factory, created by POMA and JSC North Caucasus Resorts.

Supervision of construction works and installation

POMA Russia carries out the construction works and installation by relying on the international experience, know-how and technology of the POMA group, while adapting to the requirements of Russian legislation.

Installation operation and maintenance

The operational and maintenance support process provides training for operators working on the installed equipment, 24-hour support on the line, regular inspection of equipment and risk-reduction concerning external incidents.

Wear on the equipment is monitored and parts are quickly replaced if necessary, in order to maintain quality and safety on the passenger transport installations.

POMA LLC • Russia key figures





3 847 m

The highest ropeway station in Russia


1rst valley lift

between Kobi and Gudauri in Georgia

record medaille

1rst Russian 3S

in Veduchi


1st urban ropeway

over the Volga river in Nizhny Novgorod

POMA Russia

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POMA Russia has the double role of supporting the development of ski areas in the Russian mountains and helping to integrate eco-friendly ropeway transportation solutions into Russian cities, involving a wide variety of environments and operational needs. Our high-quality ropeways and vast experience mean that we can offer a sustainable solution to urban travel issues while preserving the visual identity of each city.

Anton Chudaev, Head of the representative office of POMA LLC-Russia


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