Repowering du parc éolien
France – Treilles – 2020

Souleilla-Corbières wind farm repowering – RES

RES (Renewable Energy Systems Ltd), the UK renewable energy producer, will renew its first fleet of 16 wind turbines in southern France to increase its production capacity to 24 MW.

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RES is set to entrust POMA-Leitwind with the repowering of its 1.3 MW wind farm installed in the southern French farm with models of the same size LTW62 but of higher power (1.5 MW), in order to increase its production capacity to 24 MW.

Built in 2001 in the municipality of Treilles (Pyrénées-Orientales), the Souleilla-Corbières wind farm was the first of its kind for RES in France. It consists of 16 wind turbines with a combined nominal power of 20.8 MW, which have so far helped to avoid the emission of more than 520,000 tonnes of CO2.


Located in a hilly region, the site is subject to very strong and turbulent winds, partially exceeding the IEC standard; the average annual speed for a hub height of 49 m varies from 8 to 9.3 m/s, depending on the position of the system. In other words, the LTW62 wind turbine for this French site had to be custom-designed.

The 1.5 MW LTW80 model, robust and proven, was used as a basis for the design and customisation of the new wind turbine. Virtually all of the main structural components of this made-to-measure model (hub, stator, rotor and nacelle) will be identical to those used for the LTW80. Certified by the IEC, this LTW62 wind turbine is very well adapted to the specific conditions of the site and the constraints of the Souleilla-Corbières project.


High-tech products, innovative products and “Made in France” have always been the key to POMA-Leitwind’s success.



nombre de stations

16 wind turbines

LTW 62 – hh48 -1,5MW


unit power

1,5 MW

hauteur moyeu éolienne

Hub height

48 metres

diametre du rotor éolienne

Rotor diametre

62 metres

POMA, innovation

For the project

A wind turbine specifically for repowering projects

There were no wind turbines on the market that met existing requirements and that could guarantee adequate energy production, while ensuring durable performances at a site exposed to very strong and turbulent winds. Also, in response to this repowering project, Poma-Leitwind redesigned a custom wind turbine for RES: the 1.5 MW LTW62, to maintain geometric characteristics as close as possible to the existing one (BONUS 61).

Maintenance contract

POMA-Leitwind will oversee the maintenance of the 16 wind turbines for 15 years.

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Souleilla-Corbières wind farm renewal – RES

POMA LEITWIND is very proud to have the opportunity of working on the repowering of this wind farm with a leading company in the sector.

Sales Manager at POMA-LEITWIND

Denis Baud-Lavigne
Repowering du parc éolien

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