POMA plays host to academic staff from the field of Industrial Sciences for Engineers

POMA Formation 170X320On 20 October 2017, POMA welcomed academic staff teaching Industrial Sciences for Engineers on France’s prestigious Classes Préparatoires and Grandes Ecoles courses for a day entirely devoted to training and discussion on the topics of innovation and technology, two core aspects of POMA's expertise.

Also in attendance were Chief Education Officer, Ms Claudine Schmidt-Lainé, Mr Jean-Michel Schmitt, Ministry of Education Inspector (Industrial Science & Technology group) in charge of the Grenoble Education Authority, Mr Michel Loisy, Education Authority Inspector, Regional Teaching Inspector, in charge of Classes Préparatoires, Mr Lhassen Belarouci, Education Authority Inspector, Regional Teaching Inspector, and Mr Guy Chateigner, Education Authority Inspector, Regional Teaching Inspector.

These distinguished guests brought an even richer dimension to the discussions about scientific and technological education in France, the guiding principles and development of innovative teaching practices.

This project is perfectly in line with POMA’s commitment to sharing and training, and constitutes one of several corporate social responsibility actions taken by the Group in the field of education.