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Ropeway transport site operator

POMA is the expert ropeway transport system operator.
Operation and Maintenance

with total confidence and peace of mind

New York, Santo Domingo, Saint Denis de la Réunion, Algiers, Tlemcen, Kuelap, Blida, Cairo, and many more:  POMA was chosen to handle the operation and maintenance of ropeway transport systems for these urban or tourist sites, either on its own or with a local company.

POMA creates an integrated mobility solution, in response to a specific need. It provides 360° support for the development of a ropeway transport system project, from the design and construction of the installation, to its operation and maintenance, in the form best suited to customer needs: technical operation, commercial operation, maintenance, joint operation and maintenance, etc.

A solution to suit every situation. From an operation and maintenance package to the operation of a complete site with retail, safety management and other related services, POMA supports and optimises all ropeway transport projects.

Worldwide POMA

becomes cable transport operator

Hassle-free Technical operation and maintenance

Since 2010, POMA has been a contributor to mobility in New York City, US. With its North American subsidiary LPOA, POMA is in charge of the technical operation and maintenance of the Manhattan aerial ropeway system, which is part of the city’s subway network, for the benefit of residents from Roosevelt Island, who use the aerial Tramway for their daily commute. To meet the needs the New York tramway, POMA became the operator for the Roosevelt Island Operating Corporation in 2010. In addition to design and production, POMA offers a turnkey service for system operation and maintenance on the basis of a long-term relationship with the customers.

Comprehensive service

Since 2015, POMA has been a partner of the Algerian State. Through a joint venture with Algerian public partners reporting to the Ministry of Public Works and Transport, it carries out the operation and complete maintenance of the country's entire urban ropeway transport network, the largest in the world. The subsidiary ETAC employs nearly 900 people in Algeria and provides ticketing, communication, operation and maintenance services and contributes to the establishment of interoperability between the Bus, Metro, Tramway and ropeway transport systems in the country.

Site operator

Operation and maintenance of ropeway systems

  • Managing passenger flows
  • Supervising and Welcoming users
  • Marketing, communication, ticketing
  • Commercial development of retail spaces
  • Ropeway transport system operation and maintenance
  • Operation and maintenance of stations
  • System operation
  • High level of availability
  • Through-life service for installations
  • Preventive and corrective maintenance operations
  • Commitment to ropeway availability rates for optimal control of system costs, quality and safety
  • Optimising the lifetime of ropeway systems and the sustainability of investments

A local presence, a global skills network

POMA’s strong local presence means that it can adapt to the context of each site. The company deploys dedicated local teams on site, benefiting from the variety of skills and expertise at its international subsidiaries:

  • •ETAC’s 800 employees handle operation and maintenance for the 11 ropeway systems in 6 Algerian cities. ETAC Trainers are sent to other sites to ensure the transfer of skills.
  • In Cairo, POMA Egypt has been operating the APM since 2012, and the Galala gondola lift since 2019. The site’s technical manager has travelled to Pisa, Miami and Patnitop to share experience with the new teams there.
  • The operators of the ropeway system in Kuelap, a POMA concession, and in Santo Domingo, were trained by POMA Colombia. The team works on a rotation basis throughout the year based on needs. They are already being mobilised in Guayaquil.

A network of international skills that allows us to remain close to all our customers and their needs.

High safety and availability standards

POMA teams are there to ensure the safety and availability of the ropeway system. The highest safety standards are applied on all POMA installations, across the globe. POMA imposes European standards regardless of the country’s regulations.

Site operation


We are committed to the long term, and we provide O&M services at budgeted and optimised costs. As a manufacturer, we are sure of our systems and we can therefore make such a commitment

Director of POMA Service

Michaël Fauché
The POMA plus

local presence policy

POMA has a strong local presence policy to address a twofold issue: better understand the context of the operation and maintenance through its environment and its inhabitants; but also the ability to contribute to value creation through employment and vocational training in the region.

At POMA, cultural diversity is a strength to promote a shared passion, namely ropeway transport that connects people and regions. This characteristic approach from POMA creates links, so that, with the experience gained over the years, local employees can join the POMA Academy, travelling around the world to share their knowledge.

Train tomorrow’s experts


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