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Equipment overhaul

Guaranteed availability

of POMA installations

The maintenance of equipment in sound operational condition is rooted in POMA’s DNA. It takes care of the overhaul of any strategic equipment regardless of the age of the installation. Safety, reliability and traceability are the keywords.

POMA’s Overhaul Department involves multi-skilled teams that work to:

  • overhaul strategic safety components on the systems, such as grips, rope tensioning components, ropeway brakes or carriers.
  • overhaul complex components such as gearboxes or the hydraulic brake and tensioning units



over 1500 grips

overhauled each year


over 60 gearboxes

overhauled each year


Dozens of cabins

overhauled each year



of dedicated workshops

Technical skills and product knowledge

The Overhaul department, made up of specialised technicians and product experts, monitors and carries out overhaul operations on each POMA system, of any generation.
This two-fold business and product expertise makes it possible to make a well-informed analysis of the operational needs. The Overhaul Department thus proactively suggests maintenance operations to be carried out and can formulate recommendations for improvements to meet needs in the field.
These product skills benefit from direct contact with the Design Office, our subsidiary COMAG and certified component suppliers, and are regularly updated.

Standard exchange

In order to guarantee a service that fully meets the expectations of its customers, the POMA Overhaul department services all strategic equipment such as brakes, gearboxes, grips, ropeway carriers, hydraulic units for the rope tensioning device and cylinders, electric motors, etc.

Rather than a classic overhaul, POMA also offers standard exchanges for your gearboxes or brakes.

With a standard exchange, you can obtain similar replacement equipment in record time. This type of offer is particularly appreciated for troubleshooting during the operational season, or in order to limit the number of days of on-site handling with cranes to replace a gearbox, so that operation can be resumed quickly.

To guarantee this lead time, POMA has a large stock of freshly overhauled brakes and gearboxes ready to be installed on your ropeways.

Overhaul department commitments

For any overhaul of gearboxes, grips, carriers, brakes, cylinders, hydraulic units for the rope tensioning device… POMA undertakes to send you a personalised quote within 15 days. Lead times for maintenance operations are adjusted to the type of overhaul. For example, for the overhaul of a brake, POMA guarantees a delivery in 3 weeks.

POMA is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 45001 certified, thus guaranteeing any overhaul carried out in workshops for a period of 6 months, and up to 24 months in case of a standard exchange.
Plan your maintenance periods with peace of mind: contact our customer service for a call-back.

High-performance resources

In order to carry out quality overhaul operations, POMA has over 3,000 m² of workshops on its various sites in the Rhône-Alpes and machine equipment consisting of lathes, milling machines, NDT testing booths, sandblasting facilities, painting booths, and many other specific tools. Connected tools and torque-controlled tightening tools are used to ensure the highest quality assembly and real-time traceability.
In order to respond to non-standard situations, POMA relies on strong partnerships with leading companies in the fields of machining, testing, welding and surface treatment.

Finally, to guarantee the complete autonomy of the Overhaul department in France, two 4×4 mobile workshops, one of which is fully equipped and dedicated to these operations, can be made available on site for our customers (troubleshooting or major technical-economic constraints).

Controlled overhaul operations

Every overhaul carried out strictly follows quality processes and numerous validation steps based on the regulatory inspections laid down by the standards in force and adapted to each country in which we are required to work.
An internal control department at POMA ensures the compliance of the components used and, for grips, brakes, and gearboxes, each overhauled component is tested on a test bench before it is installed on site.

Quality components

Because the speed and quality of our services are crucial to meet the many operational constraints, a large stock of quality manufacturer spare parts is available from the Group’s different entities.

Expertise and Advice

Each overhaul begins with a professional assessment that forms the basis for a consolidated diagnosis to make appropriate recommendations that go beyond mere regulatory operations.
This expert assessment is recorded in an overhaul report that is systematically sent to the customer.

Operations in workshops or on site, in France and internationally

Each year, POMA overhauls more than 1,500 grips, some 60 gearboxes, about 30 brakes, cylinders and hydraulic units, etc. always in close collaboration with operators who remain the owners of the equipment and the decision-makers for the maintenance to be carried out.
Whether on site, in cities, mountains, in France or on the other side of the world, the Overhaul Department is responsive and mobile for any gearbox troubleshooting.

We will definitely have whatever you may want in stock! Our sales representatives will be able to guide you in choosing what best suits your needs.

POMA Service

Advice & Expertise

POMA is at your service to identify and categorise your problems, in order to determine the right solutions together. Diagnosis can be carried out remotely or on-site using a variety of expertise (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, regulatory, training, etc.). Our teams are able to work on any equipment installed by POMA since its origin, regardless of age or technology. Do you want to upgrade the technology of your installations? Our experts can assist you in this specific aspect too.

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Customised O&M

POMA is committed to working with customers to develop a personalised service, through a scalable offer, enriched with our experience leveraged from the operation and maintenance of many ropeway transport sites around the world. From remote consultancy to the operation and complete maintenance of an urban transport system, POMA provides the right service, tailored to the needs of each region and to each situation.

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Spare parts

POMA guarantees the availability of a stock of spare parts throughout the life cycle of the installations and uses local storage facilities to respond as quickly as possible to any customer request.

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