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Innovation made in France

Since its inception, POMA has deployed its pioneering spirit, its commitment and its capacity to innovate in often very complex projects. By mobilising cutting-edge technologies, POMA dedicates its creativity to its customers and their projects: their vision is the driving force behind the Group’s innovation.
Savoir-Faire POMA
Our know-how

Performance and renovation support

POMA possesses unique know-how in moving, transforming and reconstructing existing systems to redevelop and upgrade ski areas and urban or tourist sites. The aim, as always, is to ensure safe operation, regardless of the age of the installation, as well as to maintain and even improve availability, performance and comfort.
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Our know-how

Ropeway transport site operators

A solution to suit every situation. From an operation and maintenance package to the operation of a complete site with retail, safety management and other related services, POMA supports and optimises all ropeway transport projects.
Savoir-Faire POMA
Our know-how

Overhaul service

The maintenance of equipment in sound operational condition is rooted in POMA’s DNA. It takes care of the overhaul of any strategic equipment regardless of the age of the installation. Safety, reliability and traceability are the keywords.

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Mécano-soudure SACMI

POMA in the the WORLD Explore our subsidiaries

Present in 90 countries through its subsidiaries and sites, POMA is active in Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America, and Oceania. Each year, POMA produces devices in nearly 30 countries simultaneously. With this unique network, it always maintains very close relationships with its local customers.

POMA expertise Our core activities

Ropeway transport is a sustainable solution. Popular in the mountains, it has gradually conquered new markets: connecting an island to a megalopolis, transporting passengers from one airport terminal to another, crossing a river, reaching summits, reinventing urban mobility, propelling the energy of the future, taking to the skies to discover the world. In fact, the applications of ropeways are only limited by the imagination of our customers!
POMA, the emblem of a new mobility.

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Le groupe POMA

POMA, the pioneering spirit

For over 80 years, POMA has made ropeway transport the technology of the future to provide sustainable and comfortable transport. Everywhere in the world, from mountains to cities, from tourism to science and industry, POMA is recognised for its ability to design, manufacture, operate and maintain sustainable and eco-friendly innovative transport solutions.

Le groupe POMA

Working at POMA

POMA is above all a story of passionate men and women who are committed every day to meeting the challenges of mobility! Today, more than 1,300 employees are part of the POMA adventure around the world. Pioneering, innovative and resolutely human, POMA is an incubator for talents which flourish in a multicultural Group.

Current events

latest news


The Mountain Planet 2024 exhibition will be held from April 16 to 18 at Alpexpo, Grenoble. In 2024, the commitment of POMA, a world reference in cable transportation, is reflected in a new range of products and services that are increasingly efficient and eco-responsible, for a lower environmental impact.

Santiago de los Caballeros inaugurates its firts aerial tramway

A second urban cable car line has been inaugurated in Santo Domingo. The 4-kilometre cable car line connects the city centre and the western outskirts of the capital with the city’s transport network. For the first time in the world, a cable car line is operating at a speed of 7m/s in an urban environment…



In Santo Domingo capital, inauguration of the POMA’s 2nd urban cable car line

A second urban cable car line has been inaugurated in Santo Domingo. The 4-kilometre cable car line connects the city centre and the western outskirts of the capital with the city’s transport network. For the first time in the world, a cable car line is operating at a speed of 7m/s in an urban environment…


INTERALPIN, the international exhibition of alpine technologies

eumo expo


Le Salon Européen de la mobilité, le EuMo Expo 2022 se tiendra du 7 au 9 juin à Paris-Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris. Tous les deux ans, le EuMo Expo, rassemble plus de 250 exposants français et internationaux, tous acteurs du transport public et de la mobilité durable.

Colloque National Eolien Paris 2022


The National Wind Energy Conference will be held for the 12th time this year. From 12 to 13 October at Parc Floral de Paris, various wind energy experts, scientists, associations and companies come together to talk about new and already realized projects in the sense of the energy transition in France.,

Fabien Felli succède à Jean Souchal à la Présidence de POMA

Fabien Felli succeeds Jean Souchal to POMA Presidency

On June 28th 2022, Fabien Felli succeeds Jean Souchal to POMA Presidency

POMA and TISSEO inaugurate the longest urban cable car in Europe in Toulouse

The longest urban cable car in France and Europe, Téleo, has been inaugurated in Toulouse. Fast and eco-responsible, the aerial line covers 3 kilometers in about ten minutes and serves one of the city’s major activity areas, perfectly interconnected with its transportation network.

eumo expo


The European Mobility Expo, EuMo Expo 2022, will be held from 7 to 9 June at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris. Every two years, the EuMo Expo brings together more than 250 French and international exhibitors who are all key players in public transport and sustainable mobility


The Mountain Planet 2022 exhibition will be held from April 26 to 28 at Alpexpo, Grenoble. In 2022, the commitment of POMA, a world reference in cable transportation, is reflected in a new range of products and services that are increasingly efficient and eco-responsible, for a lower environmental impact.

Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public

Les Rencontres Nationales du Transport Public 2021 se tiendront du 28 au 30 septembre à Toulouse. POMA est heureux de participer à cette nouvelle édition aux côtés des acteurs de la mobilité urbaine, dans la ville même où sera prochainement mis en service le téléphérique débrayable 3S POMA. Emblème de la mobilité urbaine durable, le…

Funiflaine, a new valley lift enhancing quality of life in the region

At the heart of the Grand Massif Resort, the new Funiflaine valley lift will usher in a whole new approach to mobility in mountain areas while cutting road traffic, in line with the region’s sustainable development policy. Connecting the valley to the ski resort of Flaine, the future aerial tramway will be used to carry…

The 6th Metrocable line in Medellin

The Medellín Metrocable opened its 6th gondola lift line, “Line P”, on 10 June 2021, pursuing the development of this sustainable public transport network, which has been a global model for the past 15 years. The pioneering city of Medellín set the standard for a new model of urban mobility by integrating a gondola lift…

POMA and TISSEO unveil the cabin of Toulouse’s future urban aerial tramway

In Toulouse, on 28 May 2021, in the presence of mayor Jean-Luc Moudenc, Tisséo unveiled the cabin of Téléo, Toulouse’s future urban aerial tramway. Over the next few weeks, Sigma’s 34-seat Symphony cabin will be on display in the famous Place du Capitole.

The city of Namur unveils its new pulsed POMA GONDOLA

Voreppe, Saturday, 8 May 2021. Maxime Prévot, Mayor of Namur, Belgium, Christian Bouvier, Vice President of the Supervisory Board of POMA, Jean-Yes Remy, CEO of Labellemontagne and Philippe Beaujean, Director of Franki today unveiled a new gondola in Namur.

The construction of la Reunion’s first urban cable car progresses

In Saint-Denis de la Réunion, the outlines of the urban cable car take shape. Within one year, the stations and the lines have almost been completed! The commissioning should be by the end of 2021.

Last capsule installed on the biggest observation wheel in the world

On Bluwaters Island, Dubai (United Arab Emirates), POMA has installed the 48th and last capsule on the world’s biggest observation wheel, named Ain Dubai.

POMA and EGIS will implement the 1st urban ropeways of Mongolia

Consortium leader POMA and EGIS have been tasked with a cable transportation project for the city of Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. POMA will implement the first urbain ropeways in Ulaanbaatar.

heliportage telepherique citadelle

Towers of the citadel gondola lift installed by helicopter

This Tuesday, october 6, 2020, the inhabitants of Namur were able to observe from the docks of the Sambre river the helicopter transportation of the pylons on the esplanade of the Citadel, the arrival station of the future tourist gondola lift of the Walloon capital.

Fondation POMA

French ski championships parasports & adapted sports

At the beginning of March, 30 employees took part in actions to help organise the French ski championships, Parasports in Peisey Vallandry, then Adapted Sports in Lelex – Mont Jura.

epissure POMA COMAG

What is splicing?

If vehicles and pylons are inseparable from cable transport, cable is a noble part of our business. But have you ever wondered how the cable loop is made? The answer is in the splicing, a delicate and essential technical operation.

Discover the POMA valley lifts

Depuis quelques années, les stations repensent leurs accès depuis la vallée ; une réflexion portée sur plus de durabilité, de confort et de respect de l’environnement. Les ascenseurs valléens représentent une réponse concrète à ces enjeux

solution premium POMA

Live the experience with Premium Solutions

Design, Personalization, Comfort, Exclusive Signature, live the PREMIUM experience with POMA’s innovative vehicules.

Télécabine touristique POMA Mokpo

Mokpo’s tourist gondola lift, opened in early September

An impressive ceremony was held to inaugurate the Mokpo Marine Cablecar tourist gondola lift on Friday 6 September. A great opportunity to take a closer look at POMA and the Korean market.

Chantier aerovia Guayaquil

The “AEROVIA” cable car will soon be the new lifeline of the city

Whilst urban cable cars are being discussed around the world, Guayaquil is already a major step ahead. In the Ecuadorian city, a cable car is currently being constructed, which links two towns together, crosses a river and accesses the city centre. Moreover, French cable car manufacturer POMA also submitted a successful funding concept.

portrait Jean Pomagalski

Portrait of Jean Pomagalski

When he created his very first surface lift, did Jean Pomagalski imagine that POMA would establish itself as one of the world leaders in ropeway transport by offering ever more innovative and leading-edge solutions? That these solutions would leave the mountain peaks to find their place in many fields, for various applications: sports, tourism, urban…

Télécabine urbaine POMA Réunion

Laying of the foundation stone for gondola lift on La Réunion

On Friday, 20 September, the municipal association CINOR (Communauté Intercommuncale Du Nord de la Réunion) and the FILAO-Group (Atelier Architectes, POMA and Egis) have celebrated the beginning of the constructions works for this project on La Réunion. The first urban ropeway on the island will streamline the traffic, particularly dense today, and encourage more sustainable…

Ain Dubai Grande Roue POMA

POMA key partner for the world’s biggest observation wheel

POMA announced the award of a contract by Hyundai Engineering & Construction for Ain Dubai, the world’s tallest observation wheel.

LPOA is modernizing Colorado iconic stations

LPOA is modernizing Colorado iconic stations

The world’s longest panoramic gondola lift will open in serbia

The Zlatibor Gold Gondola Lift, at the heart of a major tourist project linking the town of Zlatibor with the Tornik ski resort by air, via lake Ribničko.

POMA Colombia

POMA Colombia celebrates its 5-year milestone!

At the end of 2018, POMA Colombia celebrated the anniversary of its creation. In the five years since it began, this small structure has become a strong subsidiary, essential to POMA’s business throughout Latin America and the group’s Hub in the region. Firmly established in its market, it represents the POMA values, know-how and expertise…

POMA Fédération Française de Ski

POMA Official partner of the French Ski Federation

On December 21, during the women’s ski world cup in Courchevel, POMA and the French Ski Federation have officially signed the partnership contract in support of the French Alpine Skiing future champions.

Congrès DSF

Back to the 80th edition of the Domaine Skiable de France congress

Few days ago, the annual DSF congress took place. The edition was on “the mountain of tomorrow in France” theme. And welcomed the President of the organisation newly nominated

téléphérique de la cim caron Val Thorens

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French know-how

The Group produces up to 80% of station equipment, gondolas, line equipment, automatic control systems, etc. in France on five industrial sites. POMA is also committed to promoting local manufacturing for components which it does not produce directly. Thus, for its ropeway transport solutions, POMA supports more than 1,000 indirect jobs in France.





Sustainable development

POMA, a committed and responsible stakeholder, has firmly rooted its activities in the spirit of sustainable development. Its solutions address environmental issues by limiting the impact on the ecosystem of which they are part. Perfectly tailored to needs, eco-designed and long-lasting, POMA’s solutions respect and enhance regions, as well as the women and men who live there.





Personalised support

The success of each project is the culmination of a story that POMA co-authors with each of its customers. Personalised support, the common thread of the process, informs all joint decision-making, from design to financing of equipment, and across the life cycle of the device.





A unique project

POMA creates unique installations that adapt to all mobility challenges and to each environment. Installations marked with POMA’s signature sophistication, meticulous design and quality of finish. They each have their own identity, personalised down to the smallest detail, becoming the new emblem of the site whose value they enhance.





Close to its customers

Present in 90 countries through its installations, its subsidiaries and its network of partners, POMA is involved in the field alongside its customers, provides a local service and is committed to creating value locally. A partner on a daily basis, POMA believes that customer relationships are based on responsiveness and co-construction.