Operation and Maintenance


Performance and renovation support
Sustainable development of

ropeway transport systems

POMA possesses unique know-how in moving, transforming and reconstructing existing systems to redevelop and upgrade ski areas and urban or tourist sites. The aim, as always, is to ensure safe operation, regardless of the age of the installation, as well as to maintain and even improve availability, performance and comfort.


This exclusive service from POMA provides clear economic advantages, but it is also aligned with a strong environmentally responsible approach. Extending the lifetime of an asset by transforming it means capitalising on its value.

Sustainable renovation

Experience and proven expertise at the service of operators

In addition to periodic maintenance, POMA helps you implement tailored solutions that comply with the regulations in force.

POMA can offer its services at different stages of a project:

  • Consultancy and initial designs at the preliminary phase, feedback meetings, creative sessions
  • Studies and supplies during the project phase, including renowned engineering skills and expertise
  • Partial implementation, or turnkey products in the construction phase, with a controlled budget, commitment and availability

Strategic focus of sustainable ropeway development

The challenge is to ensure long-term sustainability for ropeway systems by generating value for the operator, maintenance and the user:

  • Multi-year maintenance and Special Inspections: conversion of the Special Inspection programme specifications into maintenance bills of materials, costing, sale and supply of components with the grouped delivery of sub-assemblies based on the geographical destination of the parts – link to Archives & Technical documentation, Spare parts.
  • Factory overhaul for strategic equipment (gearboxes, detachable grips, hydraulic tensioning equipment, brakes, etc.)
  • Ropeway system retrofit projects for renovation, compliance, boosted performance and availability of POMA installations, or for enhancing customer experience during the trip, for example:
    • Replacement of carriers
    • Replacement of line roller batteries to space out the intervals between the Special Inspections and thus reduce maintenance costs over time
    • Renovation and compliance of electrical architectures
    •  Retrofits, improved reliability, simplification of mechanical station components and assemblies
    • Environmentally responsible projects: Complete upgrade of installations by replacing obsolete systems and subsystems and retaining the others


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