Long term service life

POMA's customer service guarantees long-lasting, up-to-date ropeway system. Our world-renowned experience provides us with key expertise in moving, transforming and rebuilding existing installations to give them a second lease on life.

Long -term service life our experience and expertise serving our clients

A growing number of ski areas, urban sites and tourist areas all over the world are rethinking the layout of their sites. We stand by our clients and bring them customized solutions based on existing installations that meet their needs and local regulations at the same time.  

visuel_evolution_durablePOMA is also committed to ensuring the long-term service life of moved or rebuilt installations :

  • Ensuring major inspections and providing genuine spare parts
  • Overhauling services for strategic equipment
  • Engineering design, configuration and modernization
  • Turnkey solutions
  • Complete documentation and operation manuals

Long term service life by POMA

  • Client-oriented and Creative
  • Project budget control
  • World renowned Expertise and Engineering
  • Commitment and Availability