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With over 80 years of experience in ropeway transportation, the POMA group has capitalised on its technical expertise to develop unique know-how enabling the group to handle even the most exceptional projects.

Customised installations and large-scale works, regardless of the challenge, POMA can rely on its design office and engineering teams to provide tangible solutions for the project’s special features.

The key concepts when conducting a customised project are “agility” and “hand-in-hand cooperation with the customer”. The specific professional expertise of each subsidiary in the group comes into play at every stage and POMA also works with a qualified network of partners from all construction trades. This reliable process ensures that each project is a success, even the most complex ones.

special projects

where POMA can demonstrate all of its world-renowned know-how

Automated People Movers (APM)

APMs are automatic shuttle systems driven by ropes, moving along the ground or on a flyover. APMs are genuine intermodality transport solutions and are often used to connect different airport terminals together and also to connect terminals to car parks or a railway station.

Observation Wheels

POMA has taken part in creating the most impressive big wheels in the world: London, Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Dubai, Las Vegas, etc. World-renowned know-how in capsule design and manufacture.

Funicular railways

The funicular railway is the oldest rope-driven system, usually made up of two trains. Carriers on rails are pulled by a rope to enable them to travel along a slope despite the gradient. Funicular railways can be used as public transport in cities with uneven terrain, in some mountain resorts for skiing, for accessing ski areas or natural beauty spots, or as a means of transport within a single site, in industrial settings in particular.

Inclined elevator

An inclined elevator is a single carrier travelling on a slope along a track with rails, pulled by one or more ropes and balanced by a counterweight moving in the opposite direction.





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POMA’s strengths

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Project management in groups and consortiums

POMA is supported with external expertise from a large network of qualified partners. As leader for the groups, POMA consults professional experts with third-party expertise to bring the project to life.

POMA's global project engineering capability

To complete special projects, POMA relies on its tried-and-tested technologies while maintaining an agile operating mode. The group therefore innovates along the entire value chain, from engineering to assembly processes and from project support to financing. 360° support!


Advanced readiness levels for special projects

POMA has acquired solid technology readiness levels through major projects. The group has successfully completed more than 30 non-standard projects: observation wheels, APM, specific inclined elevators, a viewing tower, a funicular railway for scientific purposes, indoor skiing, etc. POMA is the partner of choice for the most ambitious projects.

Flexible organisation

POMA's organisation and size enable it to remain highly agile, deploying its teams in project mode as soon as an exceptional project requires it.

Our references around the world



France – Lyon – 2018

POMA carried out the special inspection of the iconic funicular railway in Lyon. During the inspection, its carriers as well as the drive station were completely renovated and upgraded in SIGMA’s workshops, according to the SYTRAL guidelines aimed at “providing users with an even greater level of comfort, while preserving the line’s historic heritage”.


Hong Kong Wheel

China – Hong Kong – 2014

POMA produced the 45 cabins for the Hong Kong observation wheel in China. The observation wheel offers spectacular views over the bay and megacity centre, both during the day and at night.


Ain Dubai

United Arab Emirates – Dubai – 2020

For the world’s largest observation wheel, commissioned for the Dubai World Expo, POMA built 48 outsized capsules, the largest and heaviest ever produced. The teams came up with evermore ingenious product development solutions and met a very high level of customer demand.



England – Brighton – 2016

POMA designed and manufactured the entire pod and drive system of the world’s tallest observation tower, known as the British Airways i360. A unique concept, located on the Brighton seafront in the south of England.


Shenzhen Observation Wheel

China – Shenzhen – 2020

POMA produced the 28 capsules of the observation wheel for the Chinese megalopolis of Shenzhen. Developed specifically to withstand a very hot and humid climate, they presented a real technical challenge, which the group’s teams managed to overcome.


Miami Airport

United States – Miami – 2016

Miami International Airport inaugurated its two APMs in 2016 and 2017. The two APM trains travel 375 m and carry up to 12,000 passengers per hour between the main terminal and terminal E.


Cairo Airport

Egypt – Cairo – 2012

The expanding Cairo International Airport, one of the largest in the Middle East, wanted a high-performance link to connect its three airport terminals and to provide access to the car parks and shopping centre. The specifications for the construction of the MiniMetro® were speed, silence, comfort, availability and also environmental considerations.


Liaison Blanc Blanc

France – Grenoble – 2010

“Liaison Blanc-Blanc” is more than just a funicular railway, it is a mini mobile clean room, ISO 6 classified, which connects the two controlled environment areas of the Grenoble CEA over 250 metres.


London Eye

England – London – 2000

Right in the heart of London, on the banks of the River Thames, 32 rotating capsules climb to 135 m, taking visitors above the rooftops of London for an exceptional view of the entire capital.


The High Roller

United states – Las Vegas – 2014

Caesars Entertainment has entrusted the POMA Group with the design and manufacture of the High Roller observation wheel capsules. A flagship attraction of “The Linq”, a new urban and entertainment district in Las Vegas.


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