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Solutions to monitor and maintain the reliability of installations throughout their lifetime
A dedicated team

supporting ropeway systems in operation

l'équipe du service conseil et expertise POMA

Our technical support is at your disposal to help you find the solution.

POMA has in-depth knowledge of its equipment throughout its life cycle, from design and production, to operation and maintenance. The Group can therefore offer its customers assistance with diagnostics and any decision-making aimed at:

  • • enhancing reliability, extending equipment lifetime, or reducing maintenance costs;
  • • assisting the managers in coordinating and upskilling the teams;
  • • supporting teams with respect to the regulatory compliance of installations and organisations.

POMA capitalises on its experience, deploying a range of diagnostic tools, in addition to the expertise of the POMA and HTI Groups, and that of our partners and analytical laboratories, to fully meet the expectations of its customers.

Advice & Expertise

Comprehensive expertise and technical advice

The Technical Support team provides answers to the technical questions that arise throughout the life of a ropeway system in operation. POMA’s technical contacts respond quickly to any type of question or request for advice:

  • mechanical behaviour?
  • a component that seems to have worn out too fast?
  • choice of lubricant?
  • a technical decision?
  • analysis results for performing condition-based maintenance,
  • etc.

Our technical support is at your disposal to help you find the solution.

Fine-tuned diagnosis/advice

Thousands of POMA ropeway systems have been operating around the world since 1936.

When their complexity justifies it, the technical support works as a team and cross-checks its analyses with the experience feedback of our subsidiaries on all continents. These information flows are managed in a shared database, which makes it possible to centralise all feedback and propose solutions that have been tested and proven in other installations.

The use of high-performance tele-diagnostic tools enables us to work remotely to resolve any type of detected fault as quickly as possible.


Technical advice and optimisation division with POMA experts

Performance is a crucial issue for operation, therefore technical support puts its expertise at the service of its customers with respect to:

  • adjustments to be made;
  • improvements, upgrades;
  • implementation of maintenance procedures.

Means available

Using state-of-the-art technical means such as Vibratory Analysis, Infrared Thermography, Borescopy, Velocimetry, Oil analysis, NDT, Facies Analysis/metallurgical investigation on bearings, gears, metal parts and other specialised equipment, all of the POMA Service teams contribute to the transformation and optimisation of the ropeway systems, from the most conventional to the most ambitious.

POMA Service

Technical documentation COPILOT®

POMA deploys all its expertise to assist you when the need for any technical documentation on an installation arises or if you want advice on the Special Inspections or any other specific maintenance operation.

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On-site troubleshooting

Limiting the downtime of ropeway systems in operation is our priority. Our specialised technical maintenance teams, present in France and around the world, are always ready to work with you whenever you need. Where expertise or troubleshooting requires it, an on-site maintenance process is implemented, including the assignment of qualified personnel from the Group’s entities and its network of partners. One single goal: limit the consequences of a possible shutdown, whether on a site in France or across the world.

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Customised O&M

POMA is committed to working with customers to develop a personalised service, through a scalable offer, enriched with our experience leveraged from the operation and maintenance of many ropeway transport sites around the world. From remote consultancy to the operation and complete maintenance of an urban transport system, POMA provides the right service, tailored to the needs of each region and to each situation.

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