Operation and Maintenance


Availability and safety every day
Availability and safety every day

POMA Service

POMA is your preferred partner throughout the life cycle of your ropeway transport system. It is our commitment to share your safety, availability and sustainability requirements. We are therefore present alongside your teams to put our know-how and expertise at your service every day.

Every year,
The POMA Service is



different requests



service rate


+1500 grips



+ 60 gearboxes


tens of

cabins overhauled


2000 days

maintenance work around the world



maintenance operations


60 sustainable renovations

realized since 2001

Over 1,750 people

people trained in 5 years

Advice & Expertise

POMA is at your service to identify and categorise your problems, in order to determine the right solutions together. Diagnosis can be carried out remotely or on-site using a variety of expertise (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, regulatory, training, etc.). Our teams are able to work on any equipment installed by POMA since its origin, regardless of age or technology. Do you want to upgrade the technology of your installations? Our experts can assist you in this specific aspect too.

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Technical documentation COPILOT®

POMA deploys all its expertise to assist you when the need for any technical documentation on an installation arises or if you want advice on the Special Inspections or any other specific maintenance operation.

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On-site troubleshooting

Limiting the downtime of ropeway systems in operation is our priority. Our specialised technical maintenance teams, present in France and around the world, are always ready to work with you whenever you need. Where expertise or troubleshooting requires it, an on-site maintenance process is implemented, including the assignment of qualified personnel from the Group’s entities and its network of partners. One single goal: limit the consequences of a possible shutdown, whether on a site in France or across the world.

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Equipment overhaul

The sustainability of your investments and through-life support for your equipment is also our priority. For this purpose, POMA carries out the overhaul of all strategic equipment regardless of the age of the installation. Safety, reliability, traceability are the key words for a committed approach.

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Customised O&M

POMA is committed to working with customers to develop a personalised service, through a scalable offer, enriched with our experience leveraged from the operation and maintenance of many ropeway transport sites around the world. From remote consultancy to the operation and complete maintenance of an urban transport system, POMA provides the right service, tailored to the needs of each region and to each situation.

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Spare parts

POMA guarantees the availability of a stock of spare parts throughout the life cycle of the installations and uses local storage facilities to respond as quickly as possible to any customer request.

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Sustainable renovation

POMA possesses unique know-how in moving, transforming and reconstructing existing systems to redevelop and upgrade ski areas and urban or tourist sites. The aim, as always, is to ensure safe operation, regardless of the age of the installation, as well as to maintain and even improve availability, performance and comfort.

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at the service of our customers!

POMA works alongside its customers to ensure passenger safety. Safety, as well as the continued availability of installations, are critical issues. The POMA Service addresses all customer issues, so that everyone can focus on their core business.

With thousands of ropeway transport installations on five continents, POMA boasts extensive experience capitalised for over 80 years. The dedicated Service team is a multidisciplinary team, composed of multi-skilled technicians and engineers with experience in various fields (ropeway systems, urban transport, industry, energy, space, etc.) and who have pursued diverse career paths within POMA (design, manufacturing, installation, etc.).
These enthusiastic men and women are also supported by a structured network of skills: POMA's internal services, but also complementary expertise from all the resources of the HTI Group, including close collaboration with all the POMA industrial subsidiaries – SEMER, SIGMA, COMAG, SACMI – as well as with the worldwide subsidiaries such as POMA Colombia, POMA Beijing, POMA Russia, POMA Egypt, etc.

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