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The Archives and technical documentation service

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Decades of capitalised technical documentation available on COPILOT®

More than 80 years of archives made available, to support customers for complete peace of mind during the lifetime of their installations.

POMA develops, prepares and updates all the technical documentation necessary to ensure the operation and maintenance of installations, and endeavours to provide advice and expertise on a daily basis.

POMA deploys its expertise to support the operation and maintenance of equipment worldwide, whether by providing technical documents related to an installation or by giving advice to prepare for Special Inspections.



dematerialised documentation Copilot®

Maintenance experience to enrich our documentation

Maintenance instructions and manuals are written by a group of technicians, including POMA teams, who perform these maintenance operations in the field. This gives us in-depth knowledge on the ropeway system, capitalised from first-hand experience of its operational needs, and consequently provides a clear idea of the needs of maintenance technicians when performing the same operations in the future, or on other equipment with the same configuration.

COPILOT, technical documents available online

Looking for the maintenance manual of a component in your installation? POMA has developed COPILOT, a unique secure digital service that provides instant access to technical documentation on the operation and maintenance of equipment: manuals, mechanical drawings, wiring diagrams, hydraulic or pneumatic system drawings.

All new POMA installations are automatically compatible with COPILOT.

Advantages of the COPILOT platform:

  • Provides access to the manufacturer’s latest versions;
  • Helps you identify the spare parts for your ropeway system by yourself;
  • Offers different navigation modes (map, text search or directory browsing) and reading options (view, download or print);
  • Available on all web browsers, but also offline for tablets.

I use COPILOT to easily find the manual for the equipment I am working on. With COPILOT on my tablet, I can use it on the go and always have the documentation at my fingertips.

Operator of the “Nuage de Beauval” gondola lift

Amandine Dupouy

What is a special inspection?

This regulatory operation consists of dismantling a certain number of safety components, at a predefined frequency, to determine their condition. At the end of this inspection, the parts can be maintained in operation, repaired or replaced. The inspection schedule for the entire installation can be adapted to the operation mode (seasonal or annual) in order to optimise the costs generated and the downtime caused.

POMA Service

Advice & Expertise

POMA is at your service to identify and categorise your problems, in order to determine the right solutions together. Diagnosis can be carried out remotely or on-site using a variety of expertise (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, regulatory, training, etc.). Our teams are able to work on any equipment installed by POMA since its origin, regardless of age or technology. Do you want to upgrade the technology of your installations? Our experts can assist you in this specific aspect too.

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On-site troubleshooting

Limiting the downtime of ropeway systems in operation is our priority. Our specialised technical maintenance teams, present in France and around the world, are always ready to work with you whenever you need. Where expertise or troubleshooting requires it, an on-site maintenance process is implemented, including the assignment of qualified personnel from the Group’s entities and its network of partners. One single goal: limit the consequences of a possible shutdown, whether on a site in France or across the world.

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Equipment overhaul

The sustainability of your investments and through-life support for your equipment is also our priority. For this purpose, POMA carries out the overhaul of all strategic equipment regardless of the age of the installation. Safety, reliability, traceability are the key words for a committed approach.

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