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In the mountains, from skiing areas to urban connections, POMA offers transport solutions to support the development of a precious ecosystem

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developed in the heart of the mountains,

A pioneer of ropeway transport solutions since 1936, the inventor of the first fixed-grip ski lift and the first detachable grip, POMA offers everyone smooth and sustainable transport, in the heart of the snow-capped mountains all around the world.

POMA climbs mountains with its high-performance ropeway systems, with a sleek design, which are fast, silent, ecological and comfortable, in harmony with their natural environment.


Aware of the current challenges resorts face, POMA supports their development with innovative solutions, enabling skiing areas or their valleys to be connected, combining sustainable transport, tourism and urban travel.


As such, POMA reaffirms its position as a committed partner, setting the tone for the future: one where the mountain both provides enjoyment and takes responsibility, and is attentive to its visitors, residents and the environment.


to support the activities of those who make the mountain special

Rethinking mountains and access

Tourism is becoming more diversified, the aim being to create more links between the high mountains, the middle mountains and the valley. This involves supporting the entire ecosystem of a region, where environmental requirements are inextricably linked to a socio-economic approach, and where improving inhabitants’ quality of life is crucial.

Valley lifts are interconnected with the valley’s transport systems, which give access to the mountain in a fast, easy and fun way, and are a low-carbon public transport solution to the issue of mountain pollution.

Similarly, the systems connecting a resort’s different levels and sites meet transport needs within and around urban areas. Through their experience in urban ropeway transport, POMA has designed systems suited to intensive use, which remain silent. In both the city and the mountains, POMA is the partner of choice for the implementation of transport systems for commuter or mixed use.

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Skiing areas

Expanding a skiing area, opening new slopes or replacing systems to improve comfort and performance for users as well as operators…
Very much the backbone of any skiing area, each ropeway system is now more than just a means of transport, becoming the centrepiece of a site or sector. Resorts are vying with one another to be the most innovative in order to make a good impression and offer the best customer experience. As a result, in addition to the technical and capacity requirements, serious thought is also given to the aesthetics of gondolas, chairs and stations.
In addition to product expertise, POMA also supports resorts by employing a customised approach to make each project unique.

Year-round transport

In addition to skiing, which remains the main focus, additional experiences are being added to meet new customer expectations. Resorts are aware of this, and are innovating to offer new activities to non-skiers, such as snowshoeing, sledging, child-friendly infrastructures, mushing, wellness activities, special events, etc. More broadly, resorts are upgrading their facilities as part of a global development strategy to remain attractive in all seasons, while respecting the environment and promoting their region. POMA is supporting resorts in terms of ropeways and eco-friendly transport to connect the sites where these new activities take place and offer environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.

Rethinking mobility in the mountains will require assisting ski resorts as they undergo a more profound transformation from winter sports resorts into mountain resorts based on an eco-friendly model.

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POMA’s strenghts

In the mountain mobility

Supporting resorts through innovation

In France, as in the rest of the world, technological biases are the reflection of trends
in this sector for more efficient mountain services to meet the needs of skiers, but no longer just skiers. POMA's innovative solutions are for all those who live in, visit and respect the mountains.

Innovating to benefit users

POMA innovates to support the development model of tomorrow's resorts, characterised by a combination of economic, urban, tourist and environmental requirements. Serving passengers from an ever-increasing variety of backgrounds: families, complete beginners, skiers looking for new and increasingly connected experiences – safety, performance and comfort are also a priority when it comes to transport expectations.

Combined with a wide range of services for tourists, in an effort to offer new activities to non-skiers and continuously evolve, POMA helps resorts completely transform their facilities. For resorts who are looking for new ski runs and smoother traffic flows, with quick and easy access between skiing areas, the challenge lies in creating unique experiences for customers and tourists… and ensuring they return.
The systems are designed to make the very most of the space available at resorts. Ergonomics and capacity are watchwords, and a calm environment is highly valued, especially when it comes to loading and unloading novice skiers and people with reduced mobility. The numbers of visitors to these redeveloped areas speak for themselves.

Innovating to benefit operators

While the comfort of the user is paramount, the ease with which a technician can operate or maintain a ropeway system, like the comprehensive management of a fleet for an operation manager, is far from being a secondary consideration. POMA's innovations simplify operations, becoming quasi-intuitive, so that staff can focus their attention on welcoming customers. Today, with the deployment of advanced technologies and the smart use of connected objects, POMA has solutions for monitoring and anticipating operations.
The profession is going digital, with the aim of achieving ever higher levels of safety and greater ropeway uptime at all levels. POMA's software and business applications are now available via an easy-to-use online platform, Skadii, offering a single point of access for more efficient resort management, not just for a fleet of ropeway systems, but also for snowmaking, snow grooming, weather-forecasting services, staff training, ticketing, car park management, etc. It's a breeze!

Make the most ofland realities

Operators turn to POMA teams not only to install new equipment, but also to manage the entire life cycle of their ropeways. Environmentally sustainable by nature, it is possible to move all or part of a system in order to create a new one in line with new needs.
Ropeway renovation experts at POMA work closely with customers to design the most suitable solution. Transformations are adapted to the age and condition of the ropeways in order to guarantee that the machinery is in compliance with safety standards, and to improve the performance and comfort of the ropeways.
There are many advantages to this method, including a reduced maintenance budget and fewer administrative procedures. It increases the availability and initial value of ropeways while giving the site a more modern image in the eyes of customers.

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in the snow and mountain market

& expertise

Because over the past 80 years, the POMA teams have carried out the most innovative and challenging snow projects in difficult environments and extreme conditions, we now have all the experience and expertise needed to run the project. Our technologies are proven and our teams are constantly innovating to ensure the reliability of our systems and all the ranges of solutions offered.


With our commercial and industrial subsidiaries, we are as close as possible to the resorts, as responsive as needed, whether for the study of new projects or for operation and maintenance support, such as the delivery of spare parts or on-site technical support.


POMA has mastered all ropeway transport technology, to apply to the mountain environment. On the ground – inclined elevators and funicular railways – as through the air – ropeways, gondolas, chairlifts and surface lifts, POMA designs and manufactures a range of monocable and multi-cable systems that meet all the requirements of ski operators. POMA offers a wide range of systems and configurations according to your capacity, speed and layout requirements, designed for all new installation projects or adaptations of existing equipment.


POMA designs and installs ropeway transport systems for its customers but also supports them throughout the life of the systems. Systems, products and equipment are designed, developed and produced on the basis of an industrial standard that ensures the technological continuity of POMA. It guarantees maintenance and the durability of the installation for customers;

Moreover, POMA has a large stock of important spare parts and a database of drawings and records supported on all its systems. Some of our installations have been around for over 40 years!

Growing since 1936, the POMA Group is a solid company, with proven ropeway transport devices worldwide, in all environments and for various uses.

Our core business

POMA relies on its expertise and proven technology to offer systems with ever more innovative configurations and support the development of tomorrow’s resorts, which combine to meet economic, urban, tourist and environmental requirements. Our latest additions, the Symphony cabin, EVO cabin and Premium chair, offer unique technical and aesthetic qualities and multiple customisation options.

Our installation’s around the globe


American Eagle

United States – Copper Mountain, Colorado – 2018

How the west was won: the American Eagle is the first TELEMIX® ropeway installed in the United States by the POMA Group. Passengers settle into one of the six-seater chairs and eight-seater gondolas to reach the top of the slopes or the high-altitude restaurant.



France – Courchevel – 2018

The Les 3 Vallées company entrusted POMA with the construction of the new emblematic gondola lift of Les Grangettes. A true link between Courchevel Village and Courchevel 1850, the gondola lift is operated every day until 11 pm. It is a busy link and has opened the door to peri-urban rope transport in the mountains.



Russia – Arkhyz – 2018

Northern Caucasus Resort is continuing its development project, which began in 2011 in the Caucasus mountains, and has an impressive 10-seat 3.8 km gondola lift with 3 sections on its north slope.



Meihuashan Lift-1 et 2

In China, the Meihuashan gondola lift is a valley elevator at the heart of a year-round tourism project


Treeline Cirque

United States – Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows (California) – 2019

Leitner Poma of America, a long-standing partner of the Alpine Meadows ski resort, replaced the 1996 Hot Wheels fixed-grip chairlift this year with a new higher-performance 4-seater detachable chairlift, and took the opportunity to improve the route.



France – Loudenvielle Peyragudes – 2019

The “Skyvall” gondola lift is a link between the village of Loudenvielle, with its lake and its recreational spa, and the ski resort of Peyragudes. Since the summer of 2020, it has helped improve the year-round appeal of this beautiful valley in the Pyrenees.


Ski Indoor Dubaï

United Arab Emirates – Dubai – 2005

The Souk Al Nakheel fixed chairlift is the main installation of Ski Dubai, the first indoor ski centre of its kind in the Persian Gulf region, and the most famous in the world.



China – Cuiyunshan – 2017

A superb 6/8 Telemix®, combining 6-seater chairs with protective hoods and 8-person Diamond cabins, was deployed in Cuiyunshan, a new station near Chongli, four hours by road from Beijing.


Diablerets Express

Switzerland – Diablerets – 2018

In French-speaking Switzerland, customer and operator comfort was the primary focus of the Diablerets station restructuring project. The eponymous gondola lift therefore replaces a chairlift to enhance skier comfort, and is equipped with a SmartBoard control console to ensure optimum operator comfort.


Vanoise Express

France – La Plagne (Savoie) – 2003

The emblematic ropeway of the Vanoise Massif mountain range gave rise to the vast Paradiski skiing area in 2003. It held the record as the biggest cabin in the world until 2016.


American Flyer

United States – Copper Mountain (Colorado) – 2018

The American Flyer may be the world’s longest bubble chairlift; in any case, it is the longest one manufactured by the POMA Group on American soil.

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