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POMA is a leader in ropeway transport, recognised worldwide for its efficient and eco-friendly mobility solutions.

With its innovations and know-how, POMA takes up all the challenges of mobility all around the world.

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History of a world leader group

The wonderful history of ropeways began with POMA in 1936 in the Alps, on the snow-capped peaks of Alpe-d’Huez (France) when Jean Pomagalski, an engineer with a life-long love of the mountains, installed the very first surface lift there. This invention paved the way for the rapid development of recreational skiing in the ski resorts of Europe and the United States, where the surface lift is still called “poma-lift”.


The company POMA, then called POMAGALSKI, was officially founded in 1946.

Since then, POMA has not stopped innovating and contributing its expertise to ropeway transport. From the mountains to the city, new mobility challenges are driving POMA to invent economically reasonable transport solutions, respectful of people and their environment.

This is why there are more than 8,000 POMA installations around the globe, used as urban transport means, tourist attractions or for transporting industrial materials. From mountain peaks to major cities, the Group's expertise and its ropeway transport systems are recognised worldwide.

POMA supports its customers at each stage of their projects: design, manufacturing, construction, operation and maintenance. POMA manages its installations in more than 30 countries simultaneously.


“Over 80 years of existence, and POMA’s pioneering spirit remains intact. We have been able to preserve and perpetuate this entrepreneurial urge to undertake bold projects, entrenched in the DNA of the company, which, I am proud to say, is now a world leader in ropeway transport.

At the heart of our success, countless innovations, a lot of commitment and creativity, but also a very strong international dimension, present from POMA’s very first steps.”

POMA Chairman

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The mission of the Foundation is to: Encourage and develop mobility, a field in which the Group has substantial expertise and experience, in the fields of sport, disability, solidarity and the environment.

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Passion, expertise and performance are the values that drive each and every POMA employee. To be part of our talents, you need to share this team spirit, be open and curious, share our taste for performance, and of course, have a good command of the main business languages.

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POMA’s story

The human and technological epic of the POMA Group. The history of ropeway transport, from mountains to cities, around the world.

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