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Spare parts

La qualité des pièces de rechange

pour la sécurité des installations

Original manufacturer spare parts are essential for the sustainable and safe operation of ropeway systems.

POMA has an entire department dedicated to customer needs for the identification, marketing and tracking of spare parts, as well as for quick and responsive technical support, in France and across the globe.

Spare parts


1000 customer requests

processed on average every month


20,000 spare parts references



4.7 million

4.7 million spare parts

Processing customer requests

For any requests for consultation or quotations for spare parts, you can contact us in many ways, including via an online form link

A team of technical advisors processes all parts requests through a centralised platform, ensuring the traceability of the request and compliance with the technical standards for the original parts, within an optimal processing time.

A large stock of spare parts

To meet all our customers’ needs, we have several thousand product references in stock, available at all times. We have logistics centres spread across the world to optimise lead times and transport (France, China, Colombia, USA, etc.).

Traceability of parts

In order to ensure high levels of safety, quality and performance, the original manufacturer spare parts are tracked throughout the lifetime of the ropeway system, both with respect to the design and quality of materials.

Spare Parts


Listening to our customers, the complete process for issuing spare parts has been reformed: from design to preparation, including production and storage, we not only wanted to have better control of deadlines but also improve the quality of shipments.

Our action is structured in particular around the strengthening of fundamental axes such as

the reception control, the control before shipment, the recasting of the delivery document as well as the packing; the latter, for the Major Inspections (GI) for example, is now organized and identified in line with the geographic destination of the parts, stations, balances, vehicles.

Customer Relations Manager France & Andorra | Services Department

Paul-Henri LIER

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Spare parts

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POMA Service

Advice & Expertise

POMA is at your service to identify and categorise your problems, in order to determine the right solutions together. Diagnosis can be carried out remotely or on-site using a variety of expertise (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, regulatory, training, etc.). Our teams are able to work on any equipment installed by POMA since its origin, regardless of age or technology. Do you want to upgrade the technology of your installations? Our experts can assist you in this specific aspect too.

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On-site troubleshooting

Limiting the downtime of ropeway systems in operation is our priority. Our specialised technical maintenance teams, present in France and around the world, are always ready to work with you whenever you need. Where expertise or troubleshooting requires it, an on-site maintenance process is implemented, including the assignment of qualified personnel from the Group’s entities and its network of partners. One single goal: limit the consequences of a possible shutdown, whether on a site in France or across the world.

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Equipment overhaul

The sustainability of your investments and through-life support for your equipment is also our priority. For this purpose, POMA carries out the overhaul of all strategic equipment regardless of the age of the installation. Safety, reliability, traceability are the key words for a committed approach.

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