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Transport of materials

POMA designs ropeway transport facilities for industries.

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Ropeway, a concrete solution

for all industrial transport

POMA conçoit, fabrique et installe des systèmes de transport industriel par câble aérien ou au sol, sur-mesure et fiables.


Dans le respect des exigences des process industriels, des précautions que nécessitent les matériaux ou le matériel à acheminer, mais également des enjeux environnementaux du site, POMA garantit un transport adapté et performant.


En s’appuyant sur le savoir-faire reconnu d’Agudio, POMA fournit les solutions de transport par câble les plus innovantes, résultat de plus de 150 ans d’expérience et d’investissement dans la recherche et le développement.

Ropeway transport solutions

that meet your challenges
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Bulk materials and minerals

Flying belts or material ropeways are the ideal solutions for transporting bulk materials such as limestone or clay to their processing or production plants. All the more so when there is a need to travel long distances, on difficult-to-reach terrains or protected areas.

These alternative transport systems make it possible to carry large quantities of materials independently, while minimising transport costs.

transport de materiaux Blondin hoover dam

Unit load: heavy load transport

Cable cranes are effective for transporting heavy loads on hard-to-reach sites and large-scale sites, such as the construction of viaducts, dams. Aerial ropeway lifts constitute a suitable, effective solution for the construction or renovation of engineering structures in difficult environments (dams, viaducts).

Feasibility studies & renovation

For any new project, POMA carries out feasibility and pre-project studies for manufacturers looking for ropeway transport solutions. POMA understands the performance and safety objectives in order to offer the solution best suited to customer needs and compliant with the sector regulations.

If a ropeway transport solution is already in place on an industrial site, POMA can carry out a study of the existing system to propose an optimisation. The renovation of the existing system, in accordance with POMA’s industrial standards, guarantees the maintenance of the system for more than 30 years.

POMA’s strength

in the transport of materials

POMA’s ropeway transport systems find many applications in science and industry (mines, quarries, cement works, port areas, hydroelectric dams) thanks to proven intrinsic strengths: reliability, speed, sustainability, low-cost operation and maintenance, safety and durability.

Reliability and availability

When it comes to transporting materials in a continuous flow, over long distances or with high capacities in special environments, ropeway transport systems are an ideal solution. They adapt to all the constraints related to the terrain, whether it is irregular or difficult (significant elevation, crossing valleys or obstacles, etc.), or whether protected areas are involved.

POMA ensures reliability and high performance, through automation (specific software for the static and dynamic analysis of installations) and quality components.

Also capable of operating in extreme climatic conditions, in strong wind, at very low or high temperatures, the systems have high availability rates.

Personnel safety

The automation of the system also guarantees a high level of safety for the operating personnel, with collective safeguards.

Environmental protection

Ropeway offers a concrete solution for all industrial transport, while taking environmental issues into account.

  • Low visual impact on the site: the infrastructures are light, and there is no need to create new ones, unlike conventional transport systems (trucks, conveyor belts). In addition, they can be set up quickly and moved to different sites.
  • By using the airspace, the installation respects the site and its biotope. The system can be recycled at the end of its service life!
  • By replacing a fossil-fuelled transport system with fully electric transport systems such as ropeway connections, CO2 emissions are significantly reduced.
    Consuming very little energy, ropeway transport systems can also generate energy for transport during the descent.
  • Reduced pollution (noise, dust, etc.)

System sustainability

A proven system technology, combined with regular preventive maintenance operations, enables POMA to guarantee the operation of the system for more than 30 years.

Low operating and maintenance costs

The operating costs of the system are kept under control thanks to low energy consumption, combined with exceptional reliability and a high availability rate.

POMA provides simplified, minimal and controlled maintenance by adapting an already-standardised ropeway transport system to a specific use, using high-quality components and implementing scheduled maintenance plans.

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