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On-site troubleshooting, repair & maintenance

Field expertise for the benefit of ropeway transport systems
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In addition to its world-wide network of subsidiaries and partners, POMA boasts a responsive, versatile team of qualified technicians who are ready to intervene day or night as soon as a maintenance operation becomes necessary on a POMA ropeway.

With a wide range of training and experience, these experts bring in their practical hands-on know-how, skills and knowledge. These technicians are thus able to work in each of their fields of expertise on all generations of POMA systems, covering the entire range of operations, whether mechanical, hydraulic or electrical.

On-site troubleshooting, repair & maintenance


As soon as any mechanical, hydraulic or electrical problem is detected, the team is ready to support the customer and find quick and effective solutions to keep the system up and running. They assist customers in making adjustments on a component and restarting the system, relying on their in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of the component and the POMA technical documentation that they can consult remotely via COPILOT®.

On-site overhauls

The team, unique in the profession, is able to diagnose ropeways directly on-site, especially internationally, in order to recommend optimal overhaul operations.

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The extended team includes human and technical resources from the POMA Group, with COMAG in particular, but also support from a network of qualified partners, and can therefore use its expertise for any type of troubleshooting. They are the expert eyes and arms assisting the supporting teams based in Voreppe and in the subsidiaries.  

Digital assessment report

An assessment report is produced after each intervention, first for the traceability of operations, but also to make operational recommendations to customers. The assessment report includes good practices, advice and analyses to guide customers in improving operations.


On-site troubleshootings

Unexpected incidents due to a technical failure caused by an outside event or a malfunction during operation or maintenance can arise even in the most efficient machines. In this case, responsiveness and proximity are the watchwords of our technical experts to restore the safety and availability of the system, thus avoiding downtimes that can quickly become costly.

Replacement of the gearbox in Val d’Isère

The Bellevarde Express chairlift repaired in record time! This system broke down on a Monday morning and was at a complete standstill. It was able to restart on Tuesday afternoon thanks to the quick actions of the station operation teams and the POMA maintenance service on site. Val d’Isère Téléphériques had the gearbox nose of the chairlift gearbox repaired. Watch this technical feat in the video: en vidéo.

Replacement of a motor in Peyragudes

To replace the electric motors on the Skyvall gondola lift in Peyragudes in the Pyrenees, the availability of our multidisciplinary teams enabled us to take action in a very short time. All the power/inertia adaptation operations, brake adjustments, dimmer settings, mechanical modifications and verifications were completed within the day.

Troubleshooting at the Bézou gondola lift in the Gourette ski resort:

The Bezou gondola lift was operational again in less than three days. The failure was quickly diagnosed, the spare parts sent immediately from Voreppe and transported to the machine using a walking excavator and a snow groomer.

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Troubleshooting the gearbox in Ax-les-Thermes

When the gondola lift connecting Ax-les-Thermes to the Bonascre Plateau broke down, POMA dispatched an expert the same evening to diagnose the failure. The next day, a new gearbox left Grenoble for the station. It arrived in just 72 hours, was quickly installed and the technicians performed the tests and adjustments.

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Troubleshooting the gearbox at Les Saisies

The chairlift in Les Rosières was put back into operation the day after it started malfunctioning. The gearbox was replaced overnight. A 600 kg part replaced in record time by POMA’s teams and its partner network.

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POMA Service

Technical documentation COPILOT®

POMA deploys all its expertise to assist you when the need for any technical documentation on an installation arises or if you want advice on the Special Inspections or any other specific maintenance operation.

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Equipment overhaul

The sustainability of your investments and through-life support for your equipment is also our priority. For this purpose, POMA carries out the overhaul of all strategic equipment regardless of the age of the installation. Safety, reliability, traceability are the key words for a committed approach.

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Spare parts

POMA guarantees the availability of a stock of spare parts throughout the life cycle of the installations and uses local storage facilities to respond as quickly as possible to any customer request.

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