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Our standard is to provide you with a tailored solution.

Since 2009, POMA has been committed to working with its customers to provide the most suitable support for your needs, through a scalable offer, enriched with our extensive experience leveraged from the operation and maintenance of many ropeway transport sites around the world. From remote consultancy to the operation and complete maintenance of an urban transport system, POMA provides the right service, tailored to the needs of each use, to each region and to each situation.

Our offers are tailored to your exact needs depending on your operation, from 1,000 to 7,500 hours per year.

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Through the tailor-made OPTIMIZE service, POMA helps you secure and optimize the management of one or more installations at every stage of its life cycle:

When starting up the installation:

  • Defining and then preparing your organisation together, so that you can rest assured that your system will be operated and maintained in compliance with the RM1 regulation and European regulations
  • Anticipating the material, software and human resources so the system is ready right from the first day of operation
  • Defining the right level of stock to suit your objectives in terms of availability


Over the installation’s service life, through regular discussions between your technical managers and our teams, through regular data collection and analysis, and regular on-site inspections:

  • Providing a concise summary of your regulatory compliance
  • Supporting your teams to optimize all your operational and maintenance strategies, in order to control safety, costs and the sustainability of the ropeway over time.


In addition to OPTIMIZE, POMA commits to supporting the consumption of spare parts for installations over the long-term with INSURE. With INSURE, find out today what you will spend on maintenance tomorrow. To follow your Business Plan with confidence.

Tailor-made services (site start-up, coaching, etc.)

The central issue to the success of an urban, tourist or industrial ropeway transport project is to open the system upon acceptance, with an optimal level of safety and availability, to benefit from the investment from day one, and for a lengthy period of time.

To achieve this, the challenge is to train the teams before opening, when the system has not yet been accepted. To do this, POMA deploys appropriate training tools for operation and maintenance teams.

On the site, operation and maintenance managers are assisted in the implementation of their operational safety management system, adapted to their local constraints.

Finally, POMA trains and assesses the operation and maintenance teams, whose skills are upgraded and who will be assisted over the long term to ensure the system runs correctly in terms of safety and availability.

POMA Service

Advice & Expertise

POMA is at your service to identify and categorise your problems, in order to determine the right solutions together. Diagnosis can be carried out remotely or on-site using a variety of expertise (mechanical, hydraulic, electrical, regulatory, training, etc.). Our teams are able to work on any equipment installed by POMA since its origin, regardless of age or technology. Do you want to upgrade the technology of your installations? Our experts can assist you in this specific aspect too.

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Equipment overhaul

The sustainability of your investments and through-life support for your equipment is also our priority. For this purpose, POMA carries out the overhaul of all strategic equipment regardless of the age of the installation. Safety, reliability, traceability are the key words for a committed approach.

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Sustainable renovation

POMA possesses unique know-how in moving, transforming and reconstructing existing systems to redevelop and upgrade ski areas and urban or tourist sites. The aim, as always, is to ensure safe operation, regardless of the age of the installation, as well as to maintain and even improve availability, performance and comfort.

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