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POMA and Leitwind,

two experts generating innovation

The companies POMA and Leitwind, a specialist in onshore wind power, associated to form POMA-Leitwind to design, manufacture and install the first multi-megawatt onshore wind turbines assembled in France.
With diameters of 42 metres to 101 metres, Poma-Leitwind wind turbines are particularly suitable for installations subject to regulated air space (‘RTBA’ radars and other low altitude network regulations in France) as well as wind farm repowering projects. Our DirectDrive® wind turbines with permanent magnet synchronous generators constitute a simple solution which has demonstrated extreme reliability.

POMA-Leitwind onshore wind turbines

addressing the issues specific to you
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Within RTBA limits – Very Low Altitude Networks

This is the maximum altitude below which equipment avoids interference, particularly from military and meteorological radars.
The wind power market is geared towards the development of wind farms with wind turbines that have larger diameters (130 m to 150 m), are taller (150 m to 180 m) and are as powerful as possible (up to 4 MW). This is in order to reach higher altitudes where the wind is more constant and stronger, moving away from the niche market of small turbines.

POMA-Leitwind opted to offer wind turbines that are within RTBA limits, ideal for creating new wind farms as they come under simplified administrative procedures.

In fact, for some configurations with the nacelle at a height under 50 m, simplified administrative authorisations can be obtained in less than 6 months.

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Repowering (renewal of existing wind farms)

In an effort to provide services that satisfy energy needs better than ever while respecting the environment, POMA-Leitwind wind turbines are used as part of a process ensuring installation sustainability and optimisation through repowering. POMA-Leitwind wind turbines are an appropriate solution for renewing existing wind farms (those that have been running for 15 or 20 years) while staying at the same heights, diameters and power levels: 60 m to 100 m in diameter, 50 m to 100 m in tower height and up to 3 MW of power.

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Modular and Flexible

POMA-Leitwind wind turbines adapt to each customer’s performance requirements and constraints by offering the best possible combinations: generator power and rotor blade diameter, tower height, blade length and customisable options.
Even the most complex and diverse projects in the world can be successfully tackled with our state-of-the-art industrial tools combined with an agile manufacturing process.
The innovative modular design of POMA-Leitwind wind turbines is unique. It provides easy access to all parts requiring maintenance and allows parts to be replaced rapidly without dismantling the wind turbine assembly or even using a lifting crane.

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Certified wind Turbines

For POMA-Leitwind, quality is a concrete requirement at all stages of production and for service. It is reflected in the choice of materials and the engineering processes in particular. The quality of the multi-megawatt onshore wind turbines has been approved by several international certification bodies (IEC certificates, Lloyds, etc.)


364 LEITWIND wind turbines

all over the world


495 MW

of total power rating


5.3 billion kWh

of clean energy produced


4.8 million tonnes

saved on CO2 emissions


24 million euros

in R&D investments

POMA’s strengths

in wind power


A patented DirectDrive® motor lies at the heart of the whole POMA-Leitwind wind turbine system. The direct connection between the hub and the generator eliminates the need for a gearbox (the nerve element of conventional wind turbines) and the associated lubricating oil.

The reduced number of rotating parts means that less friction is generated and operation is more efficient. POMA-Leitwind wind turbines are also suitable for less windy areas.
Moreover, maintenance is limited because there are no high-speed rotating components; maintenance costs are cut.


Customer support

POMA-Leitwind offers high-quality customer support in three essential areas: field assistance, repairs seven days a week and management of spare parts.

Field assistance comprises three main activities:

  • the ordinary maintenance that ensures wind turbine reliability by preventing any malfunction,
  • the extraordinary maintenance that corrects any exceptional anomalies or failures,
  • retrofits that offer the possibility of perfecting how the wind turbine functions or boosting its power, after an action plan has been approved.

The 24-hour monitoring is managed from the central monitoring station. Any anomalies are instantly detected and resolved remotely. If necessary, the operator is contacted to set up a problem-solving protocol and to schedule a possible on-site intervention by the field team.

The management of maintenance through multi-year “full scope” contracts protects the customer over the long term.


Research and Development

R&D is at the core of POMA-Leitwind with its design office specialising in wind power engineering. Every day, engineers work to make the systems more reliable, available and sustainable.

R&D is based on key skills:

  • Development of new products and continuous improvement of existing wind turbines,
  • The adaptation of products to market requirements to ensure availability and compliance with international standards and regulations,
  • Product customisation by providing particularly flexible modular wind turbines that meet specific needs,
  • Wind analysis to systematically optimise the location and installation of the wind farm.

 Wind turbines “Made in France”

POMA-Leitwind wind turbines are entirely designed and produced at HTI Group establishments, with vital parts being assembled in POMA's facilities in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes:

  • Direct drive generators (DirectDrive®)
  • Nacelles
  • Hubs
  • Power converters


Our references around the world



France – Saint François (Guadeloupe) – 2020

POMA-Leitwind handled the delivery, installation and maintenance of six 1.65 MW Hh48 class A LTW80 wind turbines in Guadeloupe. These machines replace 20 wind turbines installed in the early 2000s on the site of Fonds Caraïbes in Guadeloupe, the island of the French West Indies. The new wind turbines are designed to withstand cyclones.

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