Industrial Assets

A state-of-the-art ISE, equipment made in France
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POMA’s industrial facilities:

performance assisting innovation

The lifetime of our products, up to 50 years, requires total quality control. A commitment that reflects POMA’s industrial choices over its value chain, notably through production facilities that are optimised in terms of both infrastructure and process.


made in france

In order to produce high-performance equipment, in an ever more virtuous and sustainable way, and within ever more controlled timeframes, POMA is integrating new uses of digital and cutting-edge technologies into its production methods. The Group also harnesses levers such as the centralisation of skills, innovation and a fully customer-centric culture to reinforce its approach.

The industrial site established in Gilly-sur-Isère (Savoie, France) in 2017 quickly demonstrated levels of performance in line with POMA's ambitions.

This success is due in particular to the consolidation of a large part of its production activities on a single site, significant investment in advanced equipment and technologies, and the new organisation of work that was introduced.

In addition, alongside the rope transport activity, technology synergies have enabled diversification towards the production of multi-megawatt onshore wind turbines, making POMA a leading player in repowering based in France

Industrial subsidiaries

located in the heart of the Alps

Although POMA has subsidiaries in the United States, Switzerland, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Russia, Colombia, Egypt, etc. to serve customers as close as possible to their installations, the Group remains a strong supporter of the ‘Made in France' French manufacturing approach, with its France-based production sites.

POMA and its four industrial subsidiaries located in the French region of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, the birthplace of the Group, are organised for optimal management of operations, engineering, manufacturing, assembly and installation.

POMA has overall control of the rope transport projects:

  • design engineering and the management of all activities at the Voreppe head office;
  • SACMI manages the production and pre-assembly of mechanical subsystems
  • SEMER manufactures electrical and industrial automation equipment;
  • SIGMA designs and manufactures cabins;
  • COMAG is responsible for on-site installation and maintenance of the equipment.


Firmly rooted in France’s regions since its creation in 1936

With the French share in the production of its rope transport systems amounting to 80%, the Group concentrates all its production in France, and promotes the ‘Made in France' label worldwide.

By investing to reinforce its production facilities near its engineering centres, POMA creates a synergy throughout the chain, and defends unique expertise that is fundamental to the sector and its economy. In addition, this choice of locations, which demonstrates a strong commitment to France’s regions, also helps to promote a range based on short supply chains.

POMA’s advantages

Pour tous les projets de transport par câble, POMA réaffirme sa posture de fabrication française aussi dans les composants non issus de la production interne.

A l’échelle de la région, le Groupe POMA génère près de 1000 emplois chez ses différents fournisseurs locaux.

The Gilly-sur-Isère site

The Group’s logistics platform

The logistics department manages the flows of POMA equipment and parts. Its main tasks are the inspection of goods, stock management, the preparation of components required for production, the management of flows to and from subcontractors, and shipments to construction sites.

The strategic location of the site, in the heart of the Alps, at the crossroads of all the transport routes in Western Europe, makes the logistics platform of Gilly sur Isère a major asset in controlling flows to customers all over the world.


The industrial assets

outil industriel POMA
New buildings

for new activities

Due to the significant increase in the Group's international activities and the growing demand from the mountain, tourism, industrial and urban mobility sectors, POMA has invested in a 30% increase in surface area to create new activities. For example, on the site of Gilly-sur-Isère, in addition to the 7 hectares occupied by industrial activities, buildings covering 6,000 m² are set to reinforce the production capacity of its subsidiaries in 2020.

Over the last 10 years, POMA has raised €40 million as part of the retrofit plan for its French industrial facilities, which now cover a total area of 225,000 m2 in France alone.

In addition, some previously outsourced activities have been brought in house to supplement the overall production process, optimising flows, supporting employment and training, and reducing transshipments in the logistics chain that are a source of carbon emissions.

We are investing in reinforcing our production facilities in ‘our region’, near our engineering centres, to create synergy throughout the chain. For example, the Gilly-sur-Isère industrial site, in the heart of the Savoie-Mont Blanc region, with its new infrastructure and associated organisation, has become the real centre of expertise for stations of rope transport systems, and illustrates the ramp-up of the Group’s industrial facilities.

Industrial Director

Franckie Tamisier
An industrial force

driven by teams of experts

From the design phases, production in our factories and on-site implementation, to assistance with operation and maintenance, POMA creates tailor-made solutions on an industrial scale with a view to the long term.

Engineering, operations, manufacturing, fitting, installation, etc., the organisation of the various units of expertise is supported by high levels of technical expertise, particularly on products with high added value, through both the means of production and the qualification of teams.

Systems engineers, project managers, automation technicians, maintenance personnel, expert fitters, site supervisors, technical support managers, industrial paint technicians, order pickers, quality assurance technicians, etc. The specificity of our profession requires specific skills, delivered by the expert and passionate men and women who make up POMA's teams. In order to respond to increased activity while retaining its business expertise in house, POMA builds upon on these advanced skills, continues to train its teams and recruit talent to generate the innovative processes of tomorrow.


Within the production entities in particular, POMA employees possess a wealth of knowledge: engineering, mechanical welding and machining of large structures form part of this. Discover our various production entities and units of expertise.

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