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Recruitment remains a priority for us to continue developing our teams and enriching them with new skills.

Constantly moving forward, POMA offers numerous career opportunities, all over the world, to all new talents eager to take up extraordinary challenges!

Passion, expertise and performance are the values that drive each and every POMA employee. To be part of our talents, you need to share this team spirit, be open and curious, share our taste for performance, and of course, have a good command of the main business languages.

Working at POMA means:



in a multicultural environment

aventure humaine

Being part

of a human adventure


Taking up

challenges in France and abroad

Working at POMA

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And ahead of us, our (r)evolutions…

A company is the reflection of the people who make it: its teams, its customers, its founders. What a joy today to share the fact that our great company more than ever reflects our development path – yours, ours, mine. As innovative as ever, and constantly growing in solidarity and sustainability – which is how it should be – because it always places people at the heart of its choices – with a sincere desire to improve all that can be improved, every day.

Our development objectives and our ropeway transport devices help up to fly high, to see further, higher… So come and discover us and discover yourself to fulfil your professional life, in France and in our international subsidiaries.”

The Human Resources Direction

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Working at POMA

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POMA’s success is a story of passionate and visionary men and women who take up challenges and overcome the obstacles of nature to go ever further, ever higher. Like the great builders of the past, our teams are building the future of transport thanks to innovations and new technologies. POMA employees make ropeway transport more than a mobility solution: a strong and lasting connection to bring people, cultures and natures of the world closer


Jean Souchal
Travailler chez POMA SEMER

Working at POMA

They are talking

My career in the POMA Group for the past fifteen years has been marked by a high degree of mobility, both geographic and professional! It all started with an internship in 2003 at POMA, followed by my end-of-study internship in 2005 at Teleféricos y Nieve, a subsidiary of the HTI Group in Spain, where I worked for 3 years as a site supervisor.
I then had the opportunity to go to Colombia with POMA as an international corporate volunteer (VIE), where I worked as Customer Support engineer for our customers in Latin America. With the sharp rise in business activity, I was fortunate to be able to create and develop the POMA Colombia subsidiary, which I was in charge of for 7 years.

For 15 years, I discovered many business sectors through our customers (urban, snow, tourism, industrial). I occupied various positions, initially technical then moving towards business management and company management. I always say that I arrived in Colombia with 2 suitcases and left with a whole family (both personally and professionally)!

In 2020, POMA gave me the opportunity to join the teams of our subsidiary LPOA in the US, to oversee the preliminary design of the urban ropeway transport system and join the O&M management team for the Miami APM. This fits perfectly into my professional but also academic development because I’m planning in the medium term to pursue a Master’s degree in urban planning in the US.

LPOA pre-sales manager

Frédéric Démoulin
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POMA has a gender equality index of 87/100. This result, achieved through a consistent remuneration policy, encourages us to continue and expand our policy to encourage women to apply for all positions in the company, particularly the most remunerative ones.

A company

that cares for its employees

Right to disconnect

Because it is important to respect the privacy of our employees, and because new technologies have drastically changed our daily lives, thus gradually blurring the border between work and private life, POMA is committed to protecting the right to disconnect, essential to the well-being of each of its employees, which has no impact at all on the international success of its business.

Electric vehicles

POMA is committed to reducing the environmental footprint of its employees, especially when they travel. In 2018, POMA implemented a mobility plan aimed at promoting alternative modes of transport to private cars, and these alternatives are used on a daily basis by its employees.

In addition, POMA has acquired electric cars, adding to its fleet of service vehicles available to all staff and used primarily for visits to the Group's industrial subsidiaries.



Mobility Day

Each year, POMA organises a Mobility Day. Employees are invited to take up the regional challenge, organised as part of European Mobility Week, which consists of commuting to work using alternative modes of transport: running, cycling, carpooling or using public transport, it's up to the employee to choose. POMA wishes to encourage its employees to opt for soft mobility solutions, in the same vein as our sustainable ropeway transport installations.

Two highlights of the year

For a time of camaraderie between employees, POMA organises a New Year’s Greetings evening event as well as a Summer Assembly each year. All employees, some of whom travel a long way, come together to take stock of the past year and enjoy a relaxing day, with sports and cultural activities, which are innovative every single time.

Breakfast get-together

Each month, a breakfast is organised with the Chairman of the Management Board. This is an opportunity to discuss current events and life in the company, and to create the connection! A moment of togetherness between teams and the Management Board that is appreciated by all.

Come and discover the career and training opportunities

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