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POMA products innovations to benefit passengers, operators, manufacturers and sustainable transport
technologie POMA
POMA technology:

80 years of development

From mountains to cities, transporting tourists and materials, POMA is known worldwide for its skill in designing, making, operating and maintaining ropeway transport solutions.
For decades, POMA’s technologies have been honouring the commitment to provide a comfortable, fast, energy-efficient, silent and non-polluting form of transport.

Mastering ropeway technology,

to provide innovative products with excellent performance

To offer greater satisfaction to skiers, tourists, urban populations and operators all over the world, POMA pioneers numerous innovations, always focusing on comfort and safety.
POMA's range of solutions meets all the needs of operators:

  • A broad choice of ropeway transport systems and configurations.
  • Projects that are in harmony with the natural environment, as well as innovative panoramic carriers for passenger transport that are accessible to all.
  • A very high level of availability and safety, both in new installations and in adaptations of existing installations.
  • Long-term support.
  • Consideration of the economic and social stakes.
  • Environmentally friendly solutions with appropriate products and processes.

The pillars of POMA technology.




Respecting commitments



Tried and tested


At POMA, we are always focused on the quality of our products and processes. All POMA products all over the world comply with EU standards and regulations. Our different certifications provide formal recognition of this.

The POMA group works with an inspection and certification body that constantly carries out checks on internal production processes, including product development, technical assistance, sales, on-site installation, operation and maintenance.
POMA has the following certifications:

  • Quality: ISO9001, since 1989
  • Environment: ISO14001, since 2009
  • Occupational Health and Safety: ISO45001 (replacing the OHSAS18001 certification obtained in 2014). With this certification, POMA goes beyond simply meeting the legal requirements for protection and health at work. OHSAS18001 since 2014, then ISO45001 since February 2020.

All our products are tested in the workshop and on site, in real operating conditions


Design and ergonomics:

Driving forces for POMA’s technologies


Aware even in its early days that its installations needed to be not only functionally but also aesthetically excellent, POMA worked with industrial designers to provide an image that suited the customer's wishes and the project.

This drive for perfection in terms of form and brand identity led to the creation of the famous “eggs” designed by François Tauzin in 1966. Over the years, the POMA group has benefited from the talents of internationally renowned designers when developing its products. The latest POMA cabins (the Diamond EVO and Symphony cabins) are the fruit of a collaboration with Italian design studio Pininfarina.


For POMA, ergonomics is synonymous with passenger comfort. This quest leads to permanent innovation in POMA's products: increasingly spacious cabins, with panoramic windows, glazed floors and digital technologies… to offer an exceptional journey in a carrier that is easy to maintain and will be available to serve for many years.


Configuration is the capacity to offer unique installations made from industrial components, with perfect mastery of the technology. To meet the needs of operators, the engineers compose installations using tried and tested, pre-existing modules: rope grips, carriers, stations, roller batteries, motors, etc.

A computer-aided implantation tool integrates the company's professional standards and accumulated expertise into the regulatory contexts of the different countries.

POMA's system engineers therefore have a library of standardised components that can be put together to offer ropeway transport solutions, creating future installations that combine creativity with consistency. This allows POMA to construct the most sophisticated systems. One such example is the Planpraz gondola lift in Chamonix, the steepest in the world with a 107% slope at the angle of attack of the roller batteries, made out of standard, industrially manufactured modules.

POMA vehicules


Information improves operation

Measuring operational data allows us to optimise ropeway fleet management and anticipate maintenance operations. Direct measurement of usage, wear on parts and energy consumption provides the information required for intelligent operation and energy savings.

Automation – remote diagnostics – reliability

All POMA systems use the latest advances in automation and checking. They can be fully or partially automated to lighten the load on personnel and allow 24-hour operation. Most operating anomalies can be detected remotely by our technical support service, thanks to a remote diagnostics system. This means that the systems offer the very best reliability and safety for transporting passengers or goods

Upilot or virtual training

UPILOT® offers a totally immersive training space that imitates operating conditions in real time, to teach the different operating and security procedures for the system before, during and after its construction, without disrupting operation

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Technical documentation (digitisation and updating)

COPILOT is a smart, web- and iPad-compatible application for operation and management, which allows the user to find the right information at the right time, so that they can safely operate and maintain the systems and ensure a high level of availability.

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SmartBoard (multiple access to control and information in secure mode)

The SmartBOARD control panel is a centralised control tool. It is ergonomic and intuitive, with two touchscreens for controlling the ropeway and assistance functions for operation and maintenance. This human-machine interface allows usage of the advanced functions of the COPILOT software with a high level of IT security.


Hyperview (transmitting data for better management)

Hyperview is an application that gives access to all the operational data for your ropeways, to help you make appropriate decisions and anticipate maintenance operations. In particular, for all ropeway transport installations, Hyperview collects the following information:

  • the speed and rope tension force, the motor speed
  • the wind speed, weather data
  • computerised maintenance management system (CMMS), digital logbook, quality indicators
  • operating data: distance travelled, operating time
  • system faults/anomalies, transmitted in real time


(an interface for your operating indicators) Skadii is a management platform for skiing areas: different parameters can be checked in real time using the software applications (ropeway fleet management, snow cover on ski runs, etc.). Skadii collects, organises and presents all the relevant operational data for your skiing area on a user interface and also on mobile devices, to make important operational decisions even easier.

Semi-automatic operation mode:

This is an additional operating mode: an alternative to the traditional mode monitored by station and platform agents.

It allows the installation to work with a single operator in the semi-automatic control station, which means no station or platform agents.

This mode is very useful for allowing a service over extended hours during which traffic is low. It helps to better manage operating costs while offering a transport service.

Environmentally responsible

technologies and processes

At POMA, we think it is essential to propose and design solutions with a reduced environmental impact over the whole value chain, from design to operation.

Eco-sustainable technologies,
Energy consumption and excellent reliability

POMA's DirectDrive® technology, used all over the world, offers several advantages in terms of environmental responsibility and complete availability:

  • Greatly reduced energy consumption (-8%)
  • No oil consumption
  • Greatly reduced noise pollution (-15 decibels)
  • Its DirectDrive® calorie recovery system allows a space near to the drive station to be heated (e.g. the Ariondaz-Courchevel picnic room)
  • One DirectDrive® is the equivalent of 4.6 or 8 independent motors; it can continue operating if 1 motor stops, according to the capacity conditions defined in the design phase.

Solar technology

POMA is also constantly working to improve the energy consumption of its systems, for example by integrating solar panels on station roofs, to provide additional power, in the spirit of positive energy buildings. This offsets the lighting and heating of the station.


Green work sites, pre-assembly and assembly on the ground
to reduce the environmental impact and increase finish quality

The green work site programme uses a set of methods to limit the environmental impact of interventions in natural environments, while keeping deadline management efficient, maintaining quality and keeping personnel safe

  • Pre-assembly limits transportation and significantly reduces on-site activities.
  • In the “shell” assembly system, a ropeway station is assembled in two phases. On the ground, the station is assembled, with cables, in 2 parts: the lower mechanical structure and the roof.


Highly recyclable technology

Whether performing a retrofit or moving an installation, POMA makes sure the reinstallation of old systems and the reuse of elements for the new installation do not stifle performance improvement.

When the ropeway is not reused, the recyclability rate for POMA ropeway transport systems is 86%, taking into account the recycling of stations, the line and the carriers (mainly made of steel). This makes it one of the most sustainable transport technologies.

Pionnier with 80 years of innovation

More than 8000 installations worldwide


1st POMA surface lift
The Eclose ski lift at Alpe d’Huez carried its first skiers a distance of 215 metres up a 64-metre change in elevation.


1st surface lift patent
The 1st patent has the title “Progressive start system for a load pulled by a rope moving at a constant speed”. It is the starting point for a series of inventions, all patented.


2nd patent for the detachable surface lift grip system
The patent “Improvements to traction or ropeway systems using endless-loop cable” describes the detachable grip system based on the principle of an over-centre grip bushing on the rope.


Chairlift and gondola lifts, new systems offering better performance, 1st chairlifts in America
The engineering team starts building more complex ropeways: chairlifts and gondola lifts. The first single-seat chairlift is installed at Le Brévent (France). The first “pomalift” chairlifts are installed in Colorado, Vermont and Alaska.


1st two-seater chairlift
A few days before the one constructed simultaneously in the Combe des Juments in La Clusaz (France), the first POMA two-person chairlift is delivered at the Bossons Glacier in Chamonix (France).


First POMA tourist transport in the Antilles
This 4-person ropeway with cages is a one-off made specially for the Saint Thomas site in the Antilles.


The cabin-chairlift, precursor to the gondola lift
Tested here by an employee and Jean Pomagalski’s son, it consists of a Plexiglas cockpit and a polyester shell, with a skirt that lifts to protect the legs.

1966 – 1967

The first POMA gondola lifts 1st gondola lift equipped with an automatic closing mechanism on the doors
The first POMA gondola lifts are delivered simultaneously in Val d’Isère (France) and Queenstown (New Zealand). This gondola lift is installed in Chalmazel (France).


The chairlift becomes detachable
The first detachable chairlift is installed in Pralognan-la-Vanoise (France).


1st fixed-grip three-seater The world’s first 6-person gondola lift
Europe’s first fixed-grip three-seater, constructed in Lanslevillard (France). The world’s first 6-person gondola lift opens in Villard-de-Lans (France). The most striking technical progress is on the gondola lifts: synchronised cabin and starter rope speeds, automation of the main tracks and of parking, automatic door opening, increased capacity.


1st pulsed-movement bicable uni-directional ropeway
The Bastille tourist ropeway is POMA’s first pulsed-movement bicable ropeway.


The first Automatic People Mover is installed in France, in Laon. It is also the first ropeway transport for urban use.


1st Cime Caron giant ropeway
At the same time as POMA is making its first giant ropeways, many innovations emerge: small surface lifts for beginners, new Alpha ascent station in the workshop. Drawing on this flourishing innovation, POMA moves into new markets in America and Asia.


Largest ropeway in the world installed in Courchevel (France) 1st ten-person gondola lift and detachable ropeway
The cabins at La Saulire in Courchevel (France) transport 160 passengers to an altitude of 2699 metres in under 4 minutes. The 1st ten-person gondola lift with a spectacular capacity of 2600 people per hour is constructed in Megève, on Mont d’Arbois (France). The Jandri Express detachable ropeway is constructed at Les Deux Alpes (France).


Highest funicular railway in France in the 2 Alpes glaciers
POMA constructs the Dôme Express, in a 1.7km tunnel beneath the glacier, under a thickness of up to 80m. A real feat!


The first inclined elevators
After the acquisition of Skirail in 1987, POMA joins forces with OTIS. The POMA-OTIS joint venture creates automatic shuttles pulled by ropes and inclined elevators covering short distances.


World’s first 16-person gondola lift
Built in Pyrénées-Orientales, in Les Angles (France), the first 16-person gondola lift has a capacity of 3000 people per hour.


The Vanoise Express ropeway
The largest ropeway in the world at the time of its construction. The cabins of this giant ropeway have two floors to carry passengers. For the 1st time in the world, the rescue system is directly integrated into the gondola carriage
Metrocable POMA Medellin


High-availability urban gondola lift
First urban gondola lift operated by a metro company open up to 20 hours a day, operating almost 7000 hours per year. The gondola lift is still in operation today.


Multi-section coupled system
The Maokong gondola lift launches the 1st multi-section coupled and synchronised system, with four stops, two intermediate stations and a corner.
Téléphérique urbain New York POMA


Urban ropeway with independent tracks
New York chooses POMA to construct the 1st urban ropeway with 2 independent tracks to connect Manhattan to Roosevelt Island.


Development of the Hyperview software
The software helps with the operation and maintenance of ropeway fleets.


1st “clean room” funicular in the world
A unique “clean room” funicular railway connects two ISO 6 laboratories for the CEA (Atomic Energy Commission) in Grenoble. Its carriage is airtight, equipped with an airlock containing a “clean air” shower, and moves in a controlled atmosphere.


Development of DirectDrive®
This gearless drive system is an innovation that offers all the advantages of an exemplary motor.


Braking and braking simulation
Standardisation of an advanced braking model using modulation, and development of a simulator for braking performance tests and trials without needing to load the ropeway.
cabine Symphony POMA


New series of SYMPHONY cabins
Designed with Pininfarina, the innovative SYMPHONY cabin series prioritises design and excellence. Capacity: 10 to 35 people.


UPILOT®, the first digital training tool for ropeway transport 2016 HERMES innovation award
Creation of the digital training platform. Using a 3D gondola lift simulator, it provides interactive e-learning modules and evaluation tools for learners. This prize for excellence in the “Improving city life” category recognises POMA’s innovations in improving urban life through the development of urban ropeway transport systems and solutions.
Cabine diamond EVO
Cabine diamond EVO
Cabine diamond EVO


New series of EVO cabins
The new Diamond EVO cabin brings a new Premium standard to ropeway transport. An innovation that takes into account changing usage, with technology and comfort taking centre stage. Optimal performances, particularly in terms of weight and robustness.
Savoir-Faire POMA


SmartBOARD operating console
This new-generation operating console developed by SEMER offers an ergonomic and user-friendly human-machine interface and better control while optimising space in the control rooms.


HTI Digital launches the Skadii solution
With “Skadii”, HTI Digital presents an open management platform allowing more efficient management of skiing areas.


A world-first for an extraordinary system: Three 3S ropeway systems in Zhuhai
In Zhuhai (China), POMA is building three interconnected detachable ropeways using tri-cable technology (3S) and equipped with SYMPHONY cabins, in a huge leisure complex


POMA: the largest urban ropeway operator
Over 1000 POMA employees working in operation and maintenance worldwide, via our subsidiaries (RD, Peru, Egypt, etc.) or in cooperation (JV)

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POMA Service

POMA is your preferred partner throughout the life cycle of your ropeway transport system. It is our commitment to share your safety, availability and sustainability requirements. We are therefore present alongside your teams to put our know-how and expertise at your service every day.

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Site operator

POMA manages on its own or together with a local company the operations and the maintenance of the cable transportations systems of urban or touristic sites. A 360° support for the development of a ropeway transport system project, from the design and construction of the installation, to its operation and maintenance.

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