A unique know-how and skills
technologie POMA


De la montagne à l’urbain, du tourisme au transports de matériaux, POMA est reconnu mondialement pour sa capacité à concevoir, réaliser, exploiter et maintenir des solutions de transport par câble. Un mode de transport confortable, rapide, économe en énergie, silencieux et non polluant, c’est l’engagement tenu par la technologie POMA depuis plusieurs décennies.

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innovation technologie recherche et developpement POMA


For over 80 years, POMA has been innovating in the areas of safety and user comfort, land-use planning and environmental protection.

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POMA Service

POMA is your preferred partner throughout the life cycle of your ropeway transport system. It is our commitment to share your safety, availability and sustainability requirements. We are therefore present alongside your teams to put our know-how and expertise at your service every day.

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outil industriel POMA

Industrial assets

The lifetime of our products, up to 50 years, requires total quality control. A commitment that reflects POMA’s industrial choices over its value chain, notably through production facilities that are optimised in terms of both infrastructure and process.

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Construction & Installation

POMA is committed to delivering and setting up its installations to welcome passengers in optimal safety conditions

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UPILOT®, a dedicated training solution

UPILOT® is the first digital training management platform dedicated to ropeway systems. It includes both traditional teaching principles and the world’s first immersive training tool in ropeway transport. Designed and deployed on a very large scale by the POMA Group. UPILOT® helps acquire and upgrade the skills necessary to operate and maintain ropeway transport systems. It is suitable for all types of operation (snow, tourism and urban) and for all profiles present in the company, from the operator to the Operation manager.

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télécabine urbaine POMA ETAC

Site operator

POMA assure seul ou avec une société locale, l’exploitation et la maintenance des systèmes de transport par câble de ces sites urbains ou touristiques. Un accompagnement à 360° dans le développement de projet de système de transport par câble, depuis la conception à la construction de l’installation, jusqu’à son exploitation et sa maintenance

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