For over 80 years, our clients have benefited from POMA's expertise. To remain the efficient leader we are, POMA is already thinking the ropeways of tomorrow. POMA's commitment has not changed over time. We offer innovative, state-of-the-art solutions.

Improving and modernizing components : this is our daily goal!

visuel_performanceInnovation to modernize ropeway transportation. Improving performance and comfort. This is in POMA's DNA.

With the environment in mind, sales managers from the POMA Group customer service department assist their clients to design and install modern, durable and sustainable solutions that comply with the rules and regulations in application. Therefore, installations that are built today will be able to adapt to components and equipment that will be developed tomorrow.

This requirement enables the Group to design adaptable, durable and sustainable systems that are directed toward the future and that meet today's and tomorrow's requirements.

performance BY POMA 

  • Improving components
  • Modernizing ropeway transportation installations
  • Adapted, sustainable and durable solutions
  • Customer-oriented and close-at-hand