Our partners

POMA’s innovations and expertise have allowed us to install ropeways all over the world. To better meet the needs and cultures of our customers, in some territories we create partnerships that reinforce our commitment to long-term presence.

POMA is heading to Japan

In the 1970's POMA's expertise had already found resonance in Japan ;  the Group designed several installations for the Olympic Games. In 2014, POMA and KASHIYAMA became partners to serve the Japanese market under the brand name KASHIYAMA-POMA.

This new entity combines the expertise of a world leader in ropeway transportation with that of the Japanese leader in snow-making and ski lift systems, creating a significant value to offer Japanese customers :  

  • innovative solutions adapted to the specificities of Japan,
  • unique and complementary expertise that serves existing installations,
  • new designs that are specifically adapted to Japan,
  • technical and commercial services that are close at hand.

POMA is opening in Algeria

Over the past decades, POMA has installed several systems in Algeria. This country counts the most urban transportation systems in the world.

The creation of the Joint-Venture ETAC is the fruit of a long-lasting and solid relationship between POMA and their partners : the EMA and ETUSA.

ETAC is in charge of design studies and installation, operation and maintenance of existing and future installations over the entire Algerian territory. With ETAC, the partners POMA - EMA - ETUSA commit to implementing skills transfer and providing the resources to a dedicated structure that will ensure the availability of the installations and develop urban mobility.

International partnerships by POMA

  • Cultural and societal anchoring
  • Sharing of skills and resources
  • Solid and long-lasting partnerships
  • Promoting ropeway transportation all over the world