Poma in a nutshell

With 80 years in business, a presence in 80 countries, 1100 team members located all over the world, over 8,000 installations representing a transport capacity of 6.5 million people per hour, and revenues of 345 million Euros in 2017. POMA is a world leader and the unmistakable expert in ropeway transportation.


site-23-Medellin1POMA numbers

  • Leader in ropeway transportation since 1936
  • 1100 team members
  • Over 8,000 systems installed
  • 345 million Euros in revenue for 2017
  • Present on every continent
  • Located in 80 countries
  • 4 industrial subsidiaries in Rhône-Alpes
  • 14 subsidiaries in the world

POMA's heart beats with commitment and reliability

POMA is dedicated to making ropeway transportation the solution for sustainable and comfortable transportation. All over the world, from snowy slopes to urban settings, from tourism to sciences and industry, we are recognized for our capacity to design, build, install, operate and maintain innovative, sustainable and durable transportation solutions.

POMA is committed to bringing you where you need to go!