Spare parts and consulting

Spare parts are vital to ensure the availability and durability of ropeway systems. To ensure long term operation of the lifts for over 80 years, POMA has a team of technical service advisors dedicated to its clients that delivers all the spare parts for its installations.

POMAdedicatedcustomer-focused service for quick identification

visuel_pieces_rechange_conseil_servicesA dedicated team of technical service advisors is available to clients to help them identify POMA spare parts.

The POMA technical service advisor ensures the requests are best met by guaranteeing :

  • The traceability of original parts and their destination thanks to an ERP system that enables the identification of the consumption of the components for the lifts
  • The recording and monitoring of requests by an automated system (by using in particular the contact form from the site
  • The guarantee of consistency with the original parts
  • Information on prices enabling preventive maintenance needs to anticipate
  • The presence of a sales advisor responsible for assisting the operator with the management of minimum storage for spare parts and maintenance operations

The consulting services guarantee by POMA

  • An on-call technical service advisor
  • Customer-focus for personalized follow-up
  • Genuine spare parts from the manufacturer monitored throughout the service life of the lift both for the design and quality of the equipment