From snowy slopes to urban settings, from tourism to sciences and industry, we are recognized for our capacity to design, build, install, operate and maintain innovative, sustainable and durable transportation solutions.

The POMA group stands out with our extensive range of equipment. Quality, durability and performance have made us an unbeatable player in the ropeway industry.

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The POMA Group is diversifying into wind turbines with the manufacturing process developed by LEITWIND and HTI. This new brand will be called POMA LEITWIND. The POMA Group's commitment and expertise combined with wind turbine manufacture LEITWIND's expertise—both members of the HTI Group—will offer compact and modular wind turbines that will be the first multi-megawatt onshore wind turbine assembled in France.Wind turbines POMA LEITWIND. A compact, modular and turnkey solutionInnovative and efficient, the range of LEITWIND wind turbines is ranked among the most competitive turbines on the market. Their power curves are the best in the category. The Direct Drive technology developed by LEITWIND optimizes manufacturing, transport, installation and maintenance processes to bring you a large range of wind turbines:Rotors 70 to 101 meters in diameterUnitary power up to 3MWPOMA LEITWIND is bringing all our know-how and expertise to sector professionals, developers and operators so that you may benefit from the numerous services and solutions we provide according to your needs: Precise technical configurations adapted to your specific project.Turnkey installations including telecommunications, civil and electrical engineering.Operation and maintenance of wind farms.The assembly of the wind turbine generators, nacelles and power converters will be done in the French Alps starting in 2007. Here are a few of our most impressive installations from all over the worldPellafol wind farm (France)Wind turbine with observation deck in Vancouver (Canada) Crno Brdo wind farm (Croatia)Tadipatri wind farm (India)The Direct Drive wind turbine by POMA LEITWINDInnovative permanent magnet technology Compact and modular designOptimized assembly, transport and maintenance Customizable Expertise and know-how

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Surface lift

The surface lift is an integral part of POMA's history, and is an emblematic part of ski resorts all over the world. Jean Pomagalski invented the very first detachable grip surface lift in the world, which was installed in 1936 at Alpe d'Huez, France. The surface lift has since become a symbol in ski areas all over the world. For several years these lifts are now installed in indoor ski centers all over the world.The surface lift : proven technology to serve skiersSurface lifts with fixed or detachable grips or with retraction devices have several advantages :Reliable, economical and efficient liftsEasy to maintain and operateAdaptable to any terrainHigh transport capacity of up to 1200 p/hThe range of POMA surface lifts are based on three models :- the Compact F fixed grip surface lift : a very economical lift with fixed rods that is ideal for beginners who are skiing for the first time- the Vectris detachable grip surface lift : with detachable rods that can adapt to several configurations and line profiles with angles- the Solis retraction surface lift : a one or two-seater surface lift for easy slope maintenanceSome installations around the worldSnowPark surface lift, Les Arcs (France)Aiguille surface lift, Chamrousse (France)Legettaz surface lift, Val d’Isère (France)Indoor surface lift, Madrid (Spain)The Surface Lift by POMAPersonalized solutionsProven and long-lasting technologyIdeal for all skiersEconomical and comfortable

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Fixed grip chairlift

For decades, the range of two, four or six seater fixed grip chairlifts designed by POMA have won over both operators and users. In France and internationally, the comfort and performance of these chairlifts seduce millions of users in the largest ski areas.The chairlift models that have proven their worthThe range of fixed grip chairlifts are based on three models :UNIFIX : a simple, reliable and silent modelThe chairlift is ideal for a single tube stations because it has a low environmental and visual footprint. The stations vary depending on their uphill or downhill position.This model has a very low visual and environmental impact (single tube station). POMA proposes different configuration choices (uphill station, downhill station), enabling adaptation to any site.ORION : compact and powerfulThis model offers a higher torque than the UNIFIX model. It has a fixed drive unit and tensioning return station.ALPHA : a robust model with high performanceThis iconic ALPHA chairlift offers a twin-tube station and is a 4 seater.The fixed grip chairlift :-enables a 2, 4 and 6 seater configuration- can be fitted with boarding carpets for passenger comfort and optimized flow management-has carriers comprising the treatment of the submarining, the locking of the safety bar with MS Bar and color codes for easier boarding.Prestigious installations All over the world4-seater UnifixB13 fixed grip chairlift, Arkhys (Russia)La Combe - Mont Noble fixed grip chairlift, Nax (Switzerland)Parchet fixed grip chairlift, Thollon les Memises (France)Grenèche fixed grip chairlift, La Clusaz (France)Les Planards fixed grip chairlift, Chamonix (France)  K17 &K18 fixed grip chairlift, Krasnaya Polyana (Russia)6-seater UnifixEnvers du Col fixed grip chairlift, Valfréjus (France)Orion 6La Salla fixed grip chairlift, La Plagne (France)Alpha station :Devil’s Glen fixed grip chairlift, Canada (Alpha 4)Fixed grip chairlift by POMAEasy to useDurableMaximum availability

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Multix Detachable grip chairlift

Be transported to the slopes sitting down comfortably to enjoy the ride full of stunning landscapes, this is POMA's promise with the Multix detachable grip chairlift. For 80 years, the POMA Group has used their mountain knowledge, expertise and experience for the benefit of millions of travellers and ski domain operators all around the world.Pleasure and peace : the Multix guaranteeMultix answers all your requirements. Above all else skiers need :Comfort, to fully appreciate the landscape,Silent and fast transportation to enjoy a calm tripThe trip is fast and gentle from the departure to arrival at the station (up to 6 metres/sec). Thechairlift slows down in the departure and arrivals in the station, the grip releases, leaves the rope to join up with the rope on leaving the station. These functions enable smooth boarding.The Multix Gondola adapts to all boarding station configurations, standard or equipped with a positioning carpet to enable increased capacities.Multix, comfort and durable performancePOMA provides skiers with a unique travelling experience. The Multix Gondola is proof that comfort, safety, performance and durability come together for the pleasure of all users :Configurable in 4, 6, 8 or 8-seatsCarriers composed of two levels of shock absorptionWide seatsAdaptable boarding and alighting speedsTransportation speed up to 6 metres a secondCustomized lift depending on requirementsThis Multix Gondola can transport up to 4 400 people an hour. These seats offer numerous modular options to improve the passengers tranquillity :Universal system that limits the space under the guard railGuard rail locking system to prevent the passenger lifting it at the wrong timeVisual seat identification using customizable colored seat cushions in your establishment's coloursPrestigious installations for reaching the summits !Many ski resorts all over the world have already adopted the Multix, proof that its quality fulfils the skiers' and operators' expectations.Multix Detachable grip chairlift Les Colosses, La Plagne ( France)Multix Detachable grip chairlift Rosa Khutor - H1 section 1, Sochi (Russia)Multix Detachable grip chairlift Procloup, Avoriaz (France)Multix Detachable grip chairlift Vivaldi Park (South Korea)Multix Detachable grip chairlift Blue Bird Express, Mount Snow (USA)Multix Detachable grip chairlift Pamporovo (Bulgaria)Multix Detachable grip chairlift Petit Chamossaire, Villars (Switzerland)Multix Detachable grip chairlift Pyramides, Val d’Isère (France)MULTIX's daily commitment  Speed and PerformanceComfort and SilenceAvailability and Durability

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Offering pleasure and comfort to all ski lovers ! The POMA Group offers a solution adapted to each passenger to ensure the ski areas are accessible to everyone : the Telemix. A hybrid device, a unique innovation of chairs and cabins, fusing performance and comfort for the ultimate cable transportation performance.Telemix : the key to customized successDestined for public transportation, the Telemix is a skilled combination on the same line of advantages as the detachable gondolas and chairlifts.Both in summer and winter, the Telemix is used by mountain lovers :Families, ski schools and people with reduced mobility, but also MTB riders will be seduced by the cabin transportSkiers will also be able to opt for seat transportation that will enable them to keep their skis onBoarding and unloading areas are separated, the flow of passengers is therefore easier andwaiting time reduced.The Telemix is an innovative design and ideal long-term solution specifically adapted to winter and summer tourism.Some installations across the worldJeux Telemix, l’Alpes d’Huez (France)Etale Telemix, La Clusaz (France)Laliky Express Telemix, Donovaly (Slovakia)Clos de la Balme Telemix, Corrençon en Vercors  (France)The Telemix by POMAA choice of transport meansOptimum management of boarding and unloading areasFlexible configuration adapting to the operator's needsEco-responsible transportation 

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Gondola Lift

In ski areas, urban or touristic zones, POMA offers the ultimate mode of transport, the Multix gondola lift. Thanks to their experience and expertise, the POMA Group is exporting its range of gondola lifts all over the world.The Gondola lift : be transported in complete serenitySafety, comfort and speed. The Multix detachable gondola lift provides unique reliability for travelling in the air from one place to another. Transporting skiers to the snowy mountain tops, linking urban districts in the largest metropolitan cities in the world, or providing unique experiences in the most remarkable tourist sites : the gondola lift adapts to all types of terrain, integrates easily into all environments.The guarantee of a smooth voyage ! In the departure and arrival stations, the gondola slows and the grip holding the rope releases. Passenger unloading and boarding is therefore assured at a comfortable speed, which enables ideal conditions for all users.Gondolas with state-of-the-art technologyPOMA provides skiers with a unique travelling experience. The Multix gondola is proof that comfort, safety, performance and durability can come together for the joy of all users :Configurable in 4, 6, 8 or 10-seatsCarriers composed of two levels of shock absorptionAdaptable boarding and unloading speedsTransportation speed up to 6 metres a secondCustomized lift depending on requirementsDesigned and installed by their subsidiary SIGMA, the gondolas provide maximum operational ease:Optimized comfortPanoramic visionTried and tested mechanismsEasy maintenancePrestigious installations across the world in a multitude of areas Snow -Plan Joran Gondola lift, Chamonix (France)-Les Plattières Gondola lift, Méribel-Mottaret (France)Urban -Complexo Do Alemão, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil)-Metro Cable gondola lift - J line, Medellin ( Colombia)Tourism-Huashan gondola lift – Huayin, Shaanxi (China)The Multix gondola lift in figuresA capacity of 100 to 4 000 people/hourTransportation speed up to 6 metres a secondAvailability and Durability 

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Pulsed Aerial Ropeway

Enjoy travelling into the town or discover a new way to visit tourist spots. POMA pulsed aerial ropeways are the ideal transportation solution for urban and touristic areas. Their technology, their ability to cross over obstacles and their various advantages have made this a tailor-made means of transportation. Thanks to our experience and expertise, the POMA Group is exporting a range of pulsed aerial ropeways all over the world.Pulsed aerial ropeways : a unique journey with a panoramic view Fast and comfortable, the POMA pulsed aerial ropeway provides high clearance capacity. Whether linking city areas or providing a unique touristic experience, the pulsed aerial ropeway is suitable for all terrain settings. The groups of carriers move in continuous pulsed mode by varying the rope speed.  In the departure and arrival stations, the carriers slow down so as to make passenger boarding and unloading easier there foreincreasing both comfort and accessibility.POMA provides passengers with a unique travelling experience. The pulsed aerial ropeway has several advantages :A suitable solution for discovering tourist spotsEasy boarding and unloading (carriers at a very slow speed in the stations)A solution that is particularly adapted to terrain settings needing significant clearanceLine speed reaching 7 metres / secondSome worldwide referencesBulles pulsed aerial ropeway, Grenoble (France)Orizaba Pulse pulsed aerial ropeway,  Veracruz (Mexico)Heights of Abraham pulsed aerial ropeway, Matlock Bath (United Kingdom)Snowmass pulsed aerial ropeway, Colorado (USA)The pulsed aerial ropeway by POMA Compactness and SimplicityTailor-made solution for short distancesSolution adapted to tourism (panoramic view)High clearance capacity

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Jigback Aerial Tramway

POMA aerial tramways are well-known mountain installations, but today they are becoming a fixture in the urban jungle as well as tourist areas. Their technology, their ability to cross over and their various advantages have made this a tailor-made means of transportation. Thanks to our experience and expertise, the POMA Group is exporting a range of aerial tramways all over the world.Jigback aerial tramways : Simplicity and efficiencyFast and comfortable, the POMA jigback aerial tramway provides high clearance capacity. Whether transporting skiers over snowy mountains, linking city areas or providing a unique touristic experience, the jigback aerial tramway is suitable for all terrain settings.The two carriers travel simultaneously on two separate tracks and in opposite directions. In the departure and arrival stations, the carriers stop to enable passenger boarding and unloading easier, therefore increasing both comfort and accessibility.POMA provides passengers with a unique travelling experience. The jigback aerial tramway has several advantages :Easy boarding and unloading (carriers stopped in the stations)Short travel times and maximum comfortPerfect solution for hard-to-access areasTransport speed reaching 12 metres / secondSome worldwide referencesJigback tramway Notre Dame d’Afrique, Hamma – Algiers (Algeria)Jigback tramway Petit Moriond, Courchevel (France)Jigback tramway Juneau, Mount Roberts (USA)The jigback tramway by POMACompactness and SimplicityCustomizableComfortable and ModernHigh clearance capacity

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Reversible aerial tramway

The POMA Group is reinventing ropeway transportation by developing reversible aerial tramways with unrivalled performance. Their technology, their ability to cross over obstacles and their various advantages have made this a flexible solution that provides very high availability rates. Thanks to our experience and expertise, the POMA Group is exporting a range of aerial tramways all over the world.Reversible aerial tramways : ensure the highest availability rateReversible aerial ropeways can easily fly over complex and various terrain while guaranteeing a very high availability rate and flexible operations. They have become THE eco-friendly transportation solution for today's wild urban jungle.POMA provides passengers with a unique travelling experience. The reversible aerial tramway has several advantages :Easy and flexible operationsHigh availability ratesEasy boarding and unloading (carriers stopped in the stations)Short travel times and maximum comfortPerfect solution for hard-to-access areasTransport speed reaching 12 metres/ secondExtraordinary installations All over the worldVanoise Express reversible aerial ropeway, Paradiski (France)Roosevelt Island aerial tram, New York City (USA)The reversible aerial ropeway by POMAFlexibility and AvailabilitySimplicity and efficiencyPowerHigh clearance capacity 

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3S Detachable Grip Aerial Ropeway

Performance, comfort and availability : the three main advantages of the 3S detachable grip aerial ropeway by the POMA Group. This ropeway has a very low environmental footprint and guarantees reduced energy costs for the operator. This ropeway maintains incredibly high performance rates, even in the most adverse conditions. It has become the reference in urban ropeway transportation for cities all over the world.The 3S detachable grip aerial ropeway : technology serving comfort and safetyComprised of three ropes (2 track ropes and 1 haul rope), this 3S detachable grip ropeway combines the advantages of a gondola to those of the ropeway. It provides very high transport capacities and makes even the longest spans and the highest flyovers look as easy as one, two,three.Equipped with large panoramic cabins, it remains stable even in incredibly high winds and provides a very comfortable ride. The wide doors make it fast and easy to board and leave the cabin whether your passengers are walking, rolling or running!The 3S ropeway has benefited from several innovative systems such as carriers that come to a full stop in the station and integrated evacuation systems. If operation stops, this evacuation device brings the carriers into the station, without taking the passengers out of the cabins. This totally prevents vertical evacuation along the line.This is mass transportation. The 3S detachable aerial ropeway provides the guarantee for optimal performance and maximum comfort.The "ProdainsExpress", an iconic projectPOMA designed and installed the "Prodains Express" ropeway—the new urban detachable grip tramway connecting Morzine and Avoriaz—by replacing the old Prodains ropeway.The 3S detachable grip aerial ropeway in numbersA capacity of 5,000 people/hour Transportation speed of 8 metres/second Spans as long as 3 km  

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Funicular railway

The POMA funicular railway is the ideal transportation solution for urban and tourist areas, whatever the climate. It is a come and go, rope-hauled system that easily integrates into often complex urban layouts. It can handle long distances and curves.The funicular railway : Exceptional comfort for passengers and operatorsPOMA provides customized solutions, with one or several sound-proof cabins, that meet our customers' requirements.  The POMA Group adapts to your requests. We are the creators of the first French automatic, driver-less funicular railway in Thonon-les-Bains.The funicular railway is proof that comfort, reliability and performance can come together for both users and operators :Passenger usage comfort is optimal :Comfort and silencePanoramic vision and spacious carriersUniversal accessibilityOptimal environmental integrationThe operators' benefits are numerous : Reliability due to using standard componentsEnergy efficiencyLow maintenance costsWhatever the use (private or public), POMA is committed and ensures complete support to optimize the funicular railway's operation throughout the installation's service life.The funicular in briefSustainabilityComfortSafetySpeed (speed can reach 10metres/second)

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Inclined lift

Whether it's for the outdoors or indoors or for public or private use, POMA has a wide range of customized inclined lifts. From the harshest climates to the most intense use, the POMA Group offers turnkey solutions for sustainable and modern ropeway transportation.Comfort, Design, Reliability : Excellence by POMAFrom the feasibility study to delivery, POMA dedicates its expertise and experience in ropeway transportation to provide you and your passengers with the perfect customized solution.Comfortable and silent operationPanoramic visionUniversal accessibilityPOMA guarantees our clients maximal comfort in operation by providing :Reliability due to using standard componentsUnrivalled energy efficiencyLow maintenance costsOptimal environmental integration>> More information about SKIRAIL BY POMAThe inclined lift in brief ComfortReliabilityDesign and Modernity