APM - MiniMetro®

Sustainable development has been the inspiration behind all POMA installations for the past few decades. The Automatic People Mover (or MiniMetro®) has revolutionised collective urban modes of transport. Designed for short journeys and automatic operation, this ropeway system is an original way to address environmental challenges and overcome the problem ofsaturated urban networks.

The MiniMetro®ground-breaking mobility at the heart of towns and airports

APMs are automatic shuttle systems that are either on the ground or on a viaduct. Genuine intermodal transportation solutions, APMs can connect an airport terminal, a car park or a railway station etc.

Made up of several wagons, APM trains travel along installations that differ according to the configuration of the terrain :

  • On "air cushions" (Air Levitation). This is cutting-edge innovation from the Group which produces little vibration and no bearing noise therefore providing passengers with optimum comfort
  • On metal rails and wheels
  • On tyres positioned on concrete or metallic beams

visuel_apm_minimetroHauled by rope, the shuttles are operated from a control center and they arrive at the station thanks to a fully automatic sequence.

The MiniMetro® is sustainable and easily integrated therefore providing the urban transportation industry with a large number of advantages :

  • Congestion-free traffic for optimal comfort
  • Silent movement with significant transport capacity
  • Optimal energy efficiency and lower staff costs
  • An economic installation with high availability rates

MiniMetro®, worldwide hit !

  • Automated People Mover MiniMetro®, "Terminal-Shuttle"- Cairo Airport (Egypt)
  • Automated People Mover MiniMetro®, "Skymetro" - Zurich Airport (Switzerland)
  • Automated People Mover MiniMetro®, Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport (DTW) (USA)
  • Automated People Mover MiniMetro®, Oeiras (Portugal)

    The MiniMetro® in figures

  • Transport capacity reaching 8,000 people/hour
  • Passenger capacity of wagons from 60 to 120 people
  • Transport speed reaching 14 metres / second.