The CycloCable®, developed by POMA, is dedicated to sustainable development and eco-mobility for today's cities. Genuine revolution in urban travel, this first ever cycle lift is for cyclists that wish to move about easily, even in hilly cities.

The CycloCable® : an original way to climb a hill!

Invented and installed in 1993 by Jarle Wanwik, a Norwegian inventor, the CycloCable® is an innovative mechanical lift :

  • visuel_cyclocable_900x600Cyclists rest their feet on a pedal that is hauled by a cable
  • Pushed by the pedal, the bicycle is helped up the hill
  • Once at the top, the pedal retracts and disappears below the surface of the road and  travels back to the bottom in a special underground housing

The POMA CycloCable® has the perfect features for eco-responsible mobility:

  • The device is electrically powered and respects the environment
  • For maximum safety and to prevent collisions, the pedal automatically rtracts below ground if the cyclist leaves the installation before the top of the hill is reached. This is a POMA patent
  • Entirely automatic, self-service, and without operating personnel

The CycloCable® in brief

  • Safety
  • Respect for the environment
  • Cost-efficiency
  • Fast implementation and on-site integration