Ropeway mobility

The rope is our bond. This bond connects the innovations and actions that the POMA Group has conducted over the years. The rope is a sustainable method of transportation that carries millions of people every day, all over the world. It is universal. It can be use to transport people and material. And it has a very low environmental footprint.

A safe and efficient solutionmobilite_par_cable3_acc

For reliable and efficient mobility, the rope presents several advantages :

  • Mastered, tested and approved technology
  • Unrivalled operational capacities, even in the harshest weather
  • Flexibility and adaptability for any challenge
  • Operation in a dedicated space or in a shared mobility area
  • An eco-friendly transportation solution

Optimal passenger comforT

The rope meets the demands and expectations of users :

  • The assurance of modular flow of travellers. High transport capacities which ensure significant fluidity and frequency
  • Obstacles are easy to overcome

An economical and durable solution for operators

Ropeways provide optimized cost-efficiency :  

  • Limited ground clearance, avoids the displacement of existing networks and ensuressmall infrastructures
  • Localized and rapid construction sites
  • Low investments and reduced operation costs

For over 80 years, the POMA Group has mastered ropeway technology and developed transportation solutions installed all over the world. Ropeway mobility has become a world-renowned solution for today and tomorrow's transportation needs, from Snow to Urban, Tourism to Sciences and Industry.