Mobility by Poma

For POMA, every day is an opportunity to provide personalized solutions to the mobility needs of today's passengers, anywhere in the world. The ambition of the Group is to reinvent mobility and bring pleasure to the public transportation experience. POMA is the creator of efficient and eco-friendly transportation; we bring you where you need to go.

POMA. Innovative solutions for obstacle-free mobility


Connecting an island to a metropolis, crossing over a river or valley, reaching the top of a hill or mountain, renovating, integrating existing infrastructures, and more - the POMA Group adapts to each environment and meets every challenge, whether elementary or complex. From sacred mountains in China, to Roosevelt Island in New York,  passing over the snowy slopes of Courchevel or in the CEA's White-White liaison in Grenoble, the Group pushes the limits of technology while respecting the natural environment and the people it affects. Bringing people together, wherever they are, wherever they want to go, and transporting them using sustainable technology. This is what POMA has been committed to for over 80 years.

We are known for identifying and anticipating our customers' needs and requirements, in order to design totally customized ropeways. Our capacity to adapt to each of our customers is how we show that you are one of our main priorities.

POMA solutions are perfect for urban and winter and summer tourism. Light and adaptable structures, modular and modulable solutions. The POMA Group designs installations that last over time because we know how to make them adaptable and we control their environmental impact.

With our state-of-the-art technologies and our commitment to quality and safety, POMA provides a new type of mobility : a smoother, safer, more sustainable mobility that adapts to the local environment. Whether you are looking for snow, urban or tourism solutions, the Group will bring you innovation that respects the existing ecosystem wherever you need it. We are transparent : our budget is respected, our deadlines are held and comfort and performance are ensured.

Urban mobility: tomorrow's city is being built today

Interconnection of existing transportation networks, especially in urban settings, is essential to controlling current and future traffic. POMA is investing in cosmopolitan cities all over the world, to improve urban areas and bring complementary, intermodal transportation solutions that provide better mobility.

POMA is dedicated to creating intelligent, reliable and sustainable solutions, including optimizing and managing access to the most inhabited neighborhoods by opening them up to the city center.

This way of managing urban and modern ropeway transportation improves the time needed to move around cities, while harmonizing with the surrounding landscape. It optimizes performance, reduces energy consumption, guarantees flawless service continuity and optimized safety.

POMA innovates and builds on our team's experience, expertise and strengths. The Group is undertaking several partnerships with universities, architects and engineering offices all over the world.


POMA's daily commitment

  • Optimized comfort
  • Rapid and easy connections
  • Respect of existing ecosystems
  • Safety in compliance with requirements 
  • Adapted, sustainable and durable solutions