POMA and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Through innovative and adaptable solutions, through actions for local economic development, through social outlook, and through respect for the environment, sustainable development and social responsibility are in POMA’s genes.

Sustainable Development is in POMA'S DNA


We are Nature's partner. We are committed and responsible. And our hearts beat in time with Sustainable Development.

Our solutions meet environmental challenges by limiting their impact on the ecosystems they integrate into. The adaptability, sustainability and eco-design of POMA’s solutions bring value to the territories, and to the women and the men who live in them, even as they preserve the environment.

POMA draws its strength in these stakes to innovate and provide eco-responsible solutions :

  • Bringing economic development and stimulation of territories by providing eco-responsible, adapted  solutions.
  • Committing to sustainability for everyone, all the time.
  • Providing solutions adapted to societal needs.
  • Developing the local economy by choosing local suppliers and subcontractors.
  • Respecting the environment from the design phase throughout the entire life cycle of our products.
  • Limiting environmental impact by implementing our eco-construction process and innovative pre-assembly solutions.

POMA is about people and passion. We strongly believe that investing in a sustainable vision is fundamental for our teams.


Each member of our team, and each partner, acts in accordance with the Quality, Health, Safety and Environment management system implemented in our company. This commitment is formalized with the three certifications that POMA holds:

The ISO 26000 international standard "Guidelines for social responsibility" and the Balanced Scorecard tool are used by POMA as guides to take into account in a balanced way the stakes  and the interested parties.