Reaching out to the world

In a world of technological progress, POMA has made ropeway transportation the future of comfortable and sustainable mobility. From snowy slopes to urban settings, from tourism to sciences and industry, the POMA Group is dedicated to smooth and sustainable mobility, all around the world.

People are the force behind POMA

We draw our strength from our people, who are committed to serve and satisfy our clients and passengers all over the world. Every day POMA teams contribute to the development of a new type of mobility. They design and install reliable transportation solutions that have very low environmental footprint.

Because our world is always changing, POMA consistently reaches out to our people. Bringing together different cultures is what makes our heart beat. We have representatives, offices and subsidiaries in 80 countries. We are committed to providing the best service for our customers, to enhancing our clients’ local economies, and to helping strengthen their communities. We consider ourselves to be more a partner in work, than a provider. This is how POMA sees customer relations : communication, proximity, and availability. 


The foundation of POMA's success is the commitment of our people


Beyond our technical expertise, we know it is important to understand our clients’ culture, way of life and expectations. A passion for communication is what makes the people of POMA tick ; the capacity to adapt and work with and for our customers is the key to POMA's international success.

Each subsidiary is dedicated to understanding the human and social environment in which they operate. Every person involved in a project is our partner. General contractors, commissioning clients, operators, passengers – all are an integral part of the venture. This approach supports the clients’ local community, helps the economy, and fosters better communication and harmony in the locales in which we work.

Much more than just one of the leaders in ropeway transportation, the POMA Group represents, more importantly, an exceptional human adventure that unites humanity and different cultures.

Reaching out the world, by POMA

  • Bringing people, cultures and territories together
  • Being dedicated to and understanding our customers
  • Establishing long-term partnerships
  • Creating passion for the over 1100 people working for the Group