Solutions for everyone

The POMA Group, ropeway transportation leader for over 80 years, designs state-of-the-art innovative solutions for mobility. POMA has designed and installed over 8,000 systems all over the world, totalling a transport capacity of 6.5 million people per hour.

Safety. Our number one requirement


Our installations and innovations have brought POMA an unrivalled credibility, built over time, all over the world. Our trademark is the reliability and durability of our systems that integrate the strictest safety requirements.

POMA develops efficient and innovative solutions that improve passenger safety.

Safety bar locking systems, video surveillance for boarding, color-coded boarding carpets, and specific boarding and unloading configurations are just a few of our safety innovations.

POMA also develops innovative solutions to improve the safety of the personnel working on construction, operation and maintenance of installations.

Pre-assembly of sub-assemblies on the ground, life lines, protective hoods and dedicated training are also examples of our commitment to safety.

Ropeway transportation : smooth and sustainable mobility for all


No matter the application—snow, tourism, urban— POMA installations are designed to offer comfortable and accessible transportation for all. The Group brings its creativity to our customers and their projects by listening closely to what our clients need.

From the design phase, POMA thinks about the accessibility of our systems. Easy access for the disabled, people pushing strollers, handling luggage and bikes.

Each project gets special attention :

  • The size of the installation, the space dedicated to circulation—both inside the cabin and the station—is entirely adapted to each individual project.
  • Boarding and unloading can be done at a full stop.
  • Comfort during transportation is reinforced by the reliability of the systems
  • Elevated availability rate
  • Line stability

In ropeway technology, POMA is developing tailor-made transportation for all.


  • Optimal safety for all
  • Collective transportation, Accessible for all
  • Customized and Comfortable installations
  • Environmentally-friendly solutions