Wind energy

The POMA Group is committed to offering long-lasting and sustainable solutions that push the limits of today's technology. POMA, major player in ropeway transportation solutions, and LEITWIND, specialist in onshore wind turbine, are both part of the HTI Group and are working together to offer the first multi-megawatt onshore wind turbine manufactured in France. The range of LEITWIND wind turbines is ranked among the most competitive turbines on the market. Their power curves are the best in the category.

POMA LEITWIND: Bringing two experts together to develop renewable energy


Building on our know-how and expertise in creating infrastructures all over the world, POMA designs and installs incredible projects. The New York aerial tramway, the Millennium Wheel London Eye in London, the Vanoise Express aerial tramway in France and the MiniMetro APM in Cairo: so many iconic projects brought to fruition by the POMA Group. 

Within the HTI Group, LEITWIND has been innovating and industrializing a full range of onshore wind turbine since 2001. These compact and modular solutions use the revolutionary Direct Drive technology developed by in-house engineers. The Group provided a record technical availability rate of 98.8% for the entire wind turbine fleet in 2014.

Because we share the same values and our expertise is complementary, POMA and LEITWIND have come together to create POMA LEITWIND. POMA LEITWIND will offer the first multi-megawatt onshore wind turbine assembled in France (generators, nacelles, and converters).

Direct Drive: Efficient, proven and reputable technologye

The compact and modular Direct Drive technology optimizes manufacturing, transport, installation and maintenance processes. Developed by in-house engineers and adapted in the 2000s by LEITWIND, this reputable and proven innovation has been used in over 300 wind turbines all over the world.


Here are a few of our most impressive installations from all over the world

  • logo-poma-leitwindPellafol wind farm (France)
  • Wind turbine with observation deck in Vancouver (Canada) 
  • Crno Brdo wind farm (Croatia)
  • Tadipatri wind farm (India)

POMA and WIND energy

  • vignette_inde_directdrive_700Customer-focus and expertise
  • Efficient and sustainable solutions
  • Innovative Direct Drive technology
  • Compact and modular design
  • Optimized assembly, transport and maintenance