France – Saint François (Guadeloupe) – 2020

Repowering of the Fonds Caraïbes Wind Farm – Quadran

POMA-Leitwind handled the delivery, installation and maintenance of six 1.65 MW Hh48 class A LTW80 wind turbines in Guadeloupe,.
These machines replace 20 wind turbines installed in the early 2000s on the site of Fonds Caraïbes in Guadeloupe, the island of the French West Indies. The new wind turbines are designed to withstand cyclones.

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Guadeloupe is a pioneer of renewable energy in the Caribbean. The Quadran wind farm repowering project presented two major challenges for the teams.

First, it was necessary to identify a technological solution that offered long-term performance that was compliant with standards, and resistant to the conditions of the climate. Guadeloupe is regularly hit by tropical storms and typhoons between June and November. The wind turbines were designed to operate in these extreme wind conditions, respond to rapid changes in wind direction and the recurring risk of electrical grid failure in the event of heavy rains and flooding.





nombre de stations

6 wind turbines

LTW 80 – hh48 -1,65MW



1,65 MW

Hub height

48 m

Rotor diameter

80 mètres

POMA, innovation

for the project

A custom-made wind turbine

The turbines are specially designed to respond to the specific climatic pressures of this island, during the period from June to November. Thus, they are reinforced on most of the structural components and are equipped with the new LS39 blade developed specifically for this tropical application.


First repowering farm

on French territory

This Guadeloupean project at the Fonds Caraïbes site is the first Poma-Leitwind repowering project on French territory.


Due to navigation restrictions on these islands, the towers, blades and crane needed to lift the rotor were shipped during the night.


POMA-Leitwind will ensure the maintenance of the 6 wind turbines for 15 years.

Ils en parlent


This new project, led by QUADRAN and POMA-Leitwind, strengthens the energy self-sufficiency potential of the Overseas Territories. It demonstrates the relevance of replacing renewable energy equipment as a lever for efficient and rapid action through the operation of a wind farm. It confirms the choice of a virtuous industrial model based on the manufacture of wind turbines assembled in France

Head of Business Development at POMA LEITWIND

Denis Baud-Lavigne


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