Jigback Aerial Tramway

POMA aerial tramways are well-known mountain installations, but today they are becoming a fixture in the urban jungle as well as tourist areas. Their technology, their ability to cross over and their various advantages have made this a tailor-made means of transportation. Thanks to our experience and expertise, the POMA Group is exporting a range of aerial tramways all over the world.

Jigback aerial tramways Simplicity and efficiency

telepherique_va_et_vient_accFast and comfortable, the POMA jigback aerial tramway provides high clearance capacity. Whether transporting skiers over snowy mountains, linking city areas or providing a unique touristic experience, the jigback aerial tramway is suitable for all terrain settings.

The two carriers travel simultaneously on two separate tracks and in opposite directions. In the departure and arrival stations, the carriers stop to enable passenger boarding and unloading easier, therefore increasing both comfort and accessibility.

POMA provides passengers with a unique travelling experience. The jigback aerial tramway has several advantages :
  • Easy boarding and unloading (carriers stopped in the stations)
  • Short travel times and maximum comfort
  • Perfect solution for hard-to-access areas
  • Transport speed reaching 12 metres / second

Some worldwide references

  • Jigback tramway Notre Dame d’Afrique, Hamma  Algiers (Algeria)
  • Jigback tramway Petit Moriond, Courchevel (France)
  • Jigback tramway Juneau, Mount Roberts (USA)

The jigback tramway by POMA

  • telepherique_va_et_vient_acc2Compactness and Simplicity
  • Customizable
  • Comfortable and Modern
  • High clearance capacity