Detachable gondola lift

More than 80 years of developments dedicated to robustness and comfort in the mountains
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performance and comfort


A model of robustness, the POMA detachable gondola lift is the efficient ropeway solution for all mountain conditions, even the most demanding at high altitudes.
We have designed a universal platform with our customers to produce an efficient industrial standard providing the possibility of accommodating an ultra-compact station, from 4 m/s up to the highest performing options at 7 m/s, taking into acount operation and maintenance are kept simple for mountain professionals.
The two cabin ranges deliver a smooth journey, configurable with a host of comfort and safety options for users, skiers and pedestrians. Loading and unloading take place at a comfortable speed of less than 0.3 m/s for optimal mobility in the departure and arrival stations.
Each installation is configured to take care of passengers as well as the specific environment of the site on which it is built.


of detachable gondola lifts

Diamond Cabin

Diamond EVO cabin

Symphony cabin

The strengths


of the detachable gondola lift

Less noise,

reduced energy consumption,

Degraded operation

DirectDrive® is a technology that surpasses traditional motor-and-gearbox machinery. With less friction, there is less noise and less energy required for the same level of power. With 4, 6 or 8-drive technology, the DirectDrive® delivers vastly superior availability than a double motor, for a similar investment

Safely postpone work

on the safety line

Availability is a major factor that is built into all POMA systems. The double safety line makes it possible to fix any line wiring failure within a fraction of a second, by continuing operation with the second safety line.

Roller batteries designed for intensive use,

with specially adapted maintenance

LCI roller batteries are designed for 30 years in operation, with appropriate maintenance for intensive use. R&D has reduced the pressure on the rings, thus further extending the life of the roller battery pins. The maintenance plan is therefore lighter and enables the pins to be reused for 30 years of service.

High performance roller battery that simplifies

maintenance and optimises line structure.

The silentbloc technology revolution that requires no greasing, effectively eliminating the need to manage friction. This revolutionary roller battery will no longer require dismantling in a workshop for special inspections. Work can now be carried out directly on the line structures. This roller battery performs up to 1.5 times better than a traditional roller battery, and can also make it possible to reduce the number of line structures in many cases.

Overhead and underground communication lines

Very long spans of communication lines can be problematic in operation. POMA recommends underground solutions whenever possible, but we have developed communication solutions for when the terrain is unsuitable, using carrying ropes for spans of over 600 m.

Advanced multi-functional line structures

Line video surveillance, lighting for night-time operation, wind speed readings, double wind direction measurement, maintenance video, line loudspeakers; all POMA solutions satisfy these customer expectations and can adapt to regulations the world over. The line structures incorporate these advanced optional multiple features.

The safety of your line technicians during maintenance

The PROTEC remote control allows you to drive the installation from the maintenance platform during the maintenance phase. This high-performance system has been up and running at many operating sites for several years. It ensures top-notch safety, while respecting the most demanding regulations in the world.

Inductive line safety with

the Cable Positioning System

The Cable Positioning System (CPS) technology is capable of providing information about the position of the rope, detecting the initiation of a movement in a fraction of a second, even before the movement takes place. Coupled in a double line with conventional technology, the CPS is an indispensable tool for peace of mind on higher-risk installations. In addition to its rope-location function, it has enabled POMA to develop the latest generation of roller batteries that require no greasing, such as the LP20 EVO.

Load simulation to simplify maintenance

The load simulation system comes as standard with POMA. The need to actually load the ropeway to perform a dynamic test is now a thing of the past. All of our ropeways are equipped with a load simulation function which can check correct performance, after working on the brakes in particular. It saves time and reduces risks for technicians, and so ensures effective maintenance.

An ultra-compact solution for a station requiring very little space

POMA offers solutions for ultra-compact stations. It is possible to configure a 10-seater gondola lift for small spaces (under 20 m in length) or for a narrow layout. Our compact solutions make it possible for 10- and 12-seater cabins to travel through minimal spaces, at a speed of 4 to 6 m/s.

Significant spans for adapting

to terrain constraints

The LCI and LP20 roller batteries all have a reinforced roller battery version to withstand the lateral forces caused by very long spans.

Double backup, peace of mind with a

complementary safety system

Each system is equipped with a standard solution including a main hydraulic motor and a backup. POMA’s “double backup” device offers an additional solution for bringing a carrier back to the station, and total peace of mind.

Siemens Safety Integrated inside:

the best safety PLC in your POMA system

POMA uses the best technologies for its systems; The SIEMENS safety PLC combines performance with worldwide component availability. This SIEMENS solution includes many diagnostic functions to detect any possible internal failure of the hardware or firmware, so that a failure of the PLC does not cause any “hazardous” situations.

All our references

of Detachable gondola lifts


France – Courchevel – 2018

The Les 3 Vallées company entrusted POMA with the construction of the new emblematic gondola lift of Les Grangettes. A true link between Courchevel Village and Courchevel 1850, the gondola lift is operated every day until 11 pm. It is a busy link and has opened the door to peri-urban rope transport in the mountains.



Russia – Arkhyz – 2018

Northern Caucasus Resort is continuing its development project, which began in 2011 in the Caucasus mountains, and has an impressive 10-seat 3.8 km gondola lift with 3 sections on its north slope.



Meihuashan Lift-1 et 2

In China, the Meihuashan gondola lift is a valley elevator at the heart of a year-round tourism project



France – Loudenvielle Peyragudes – 2019

The “Skyvall” gondola lift is a link between the village of Loudenvielle, with its lake and its recreational spa, and the ski resort of Peyragudes. Since the summer of 2020, it has helped improve the year-round appeal of this beautiful valley in the Pyrenees.


Diablerets Express

Switzerland – Diablerets – 2018

In French-speaking Switzerland, customer and operator comfort was the primary focus of the Diablerets station restructuring project. The eponymous gondola lift therefore replaces a chairlift to enhance skier comfort, and is equipped with a SmartBoard control console to ensure optimum operator comfort.


La Daille

France – Val d’Isère – 2018

For the first time in France, in La Daille, a gondola lift with 57 10-seater Symphony cabins designed by Pininfarina offers maximum comfort to passengers.


Le Praz

France – Courchevel – 2019

The 10-person gondola lift provides transport between the village of Le Praz (where a 500-space car park has been created) and the Courchevel resort centre.


Alpe Express

France – Alpe d’Huez – 2018

Sharing over 80 years of history with the resort, POMA has supported Alpe d’Huez in the construction of dedicated public transport, a 2 km urban gondola lift, connecting the resort centre to the slopes.


Plan Joran

France – Chamonix – 2014

The Plan Joran gondola lift is an essential part of the Grands Montets ski resort, nestled in a listed natural site. It offers access to the ski area at altitude and offers an exceptional view of the Aiguille du Chardonnet.


Gudauri Kobi

Georgia – Gudauri – 2018

The valley elevator between Gudauri and the city of Kobi is made up of three gondola lifts and makes snow-covered areas accessible without the constraints of the road traffic conditions, which would frequently block access to Kobi.



for Mountain mobility

Detachable gondola lift

POMA detachable chairlift is the promise of a smooth and comfortable ride to the slopes while appreciating the snowy landscapes.


With its comfortable cabins and ergonomic chairs, this is a favourite with instructors and skiing families in winter, and hikers and mountain bikers in summer!

Detachable chairlift

POMA detachable chairlift is the promise of a smooth and comfortable ride to the slopes while appreciating the snowy landscapes.

Fixed grip chairlift • UNIFIX®

A simple and proven system for short installations

Detachable surface lift

This detachable surface lift can be adapated and installed as close as possible to the shape of the ski slopes, thanks to its possibility of having angles in line. The system has become a ski-area essential.

Aerial Tramway

POMA aerial tramway, the ultimate technology for overcoming all obstacles and terrains

2S / 3S gondola lift

The best of the detachable and ropeway technology combined for record-breaking installations.