Detachable chairlift

From high performance to high altitude, the detachable chairlift is practical and robust.
Pratical and Robust

Detachable chairlift

POMA detachable chairlift is the promise of a smooth and comfortable ride to the slopes while appreciating the snowy landscapes.
Sharing a common technological platform with the POMA detachable gondola lift, it has enhanced reliability and the ability to operate in all weather, even in mountain conditions that can sometimes be demanding: snow, ice and wind, at altitudes of over 3000 m.
The configuration of the POMA detachable chairlift ensures efficient loading and unloading at low speed, 0.8 m/s, and a broad selection of chairs is available for 4 to 8 passengers, including bubble chairs.
As for the POMA detachable gondola lifts, it can be equipped with a DirectDrive® motor, track storage or an annexed garage for the most extreme climates.


of Detachable chairlift



The strengths

of the detachable chairlift

Safely postpone work

on the safety line

Availability is a major factor that is built into all POMA systems. The double safety line makes it possible to fix any line wiring failure within a fraction of a second, by continuing operation with the second safety line.

Roller batteries designed for intensive use, with specially adapted maintenance

LCI roller batteries are designed for 30 years in operation, with appropriate maintenance for intensive use. R&D has reduced the pressure on the rings, thus further extending the life of the roller battery pins. The maintenance plan is therefore lighter and enables the pins to be reused for 30 years of service.

Overhead and underground

communication lines

Very long spans of communication lines can be problematic in operation. POMA recommends underground solutions whenever possible, but we have developed communication solutions for when the terrain is unsuitable, using carrying ropes for spans of over 600 m.

Advanced multi-functional

line structures

Line video surveillance, lighting for night-time operation, wind speed readings, double wind direction measurement, maintenance video, line loudspeakers; all POMA solutions satisfy these customer expectations and can adapt to regulations the world over. The line structures incorporate these advanced optional multiple features.

The safety of your line technicians

during maintenance

The PROTEC remote control allows you to drive the installation from the maintenance platform during the maintenance phase. This high-performance system has been up and running at many operating sites for several years. It ensures top-notch safety, while respecting the most demanding regulations in the world.

Inductive line safety with

the Cable Positioning System

The Cable Positioning System (CPS) technology is capable of providing information about the position of the rope, detecting the initiation of a movement in a fraction of a second, even before the movement takes place. Coupled in a double line with conventional technology, the CPS is an indispensable tool for peace of mind on higher-risk installations. In addition to its rope-location function, it has enabled POMA to develop the latest generation of roller batteries that require no greasing, such as the LP20 EVO.

Load simulation to

simplify maintenance

The load simulation system comes as standard with POMA. The need to actually load the ropeway to perform a dynamic test is now a thing of the past. All of our ropeways are equipped with a load simulation function which can check correct performance, after working on the brakes in particular. It saves time and reduces risks for technicians, and so ensures effective maintenance.

Configuring chair


POMA carriers, along with their chairs, are assembled at the factory and are delivered ready to be installed on the line. With the chair configurator, it is possible to choose the level of comfort: opt for premium chairs, add a U-block system or an automatic safety bar, choose the colour of the chairs and their upholstery, etc. POMA studies the stations and lines accordingly to create the project of your choice.

Siemens Safety Integrated inside:

the best safety PLC in your POMA system

POMA uses the best technologies for its systems; The SIEMENS safety PLC combines performance with worldwide component availability. This SIEMENS solution includes many diagnostic functions to detect any possible internal failure of the hardware or firmware, so that a failure of the PLC does not cause any “hazardous” situations.

All our references

of detachable chairlifts

Treeline Cirque

United States – Squaw Valley / Alpine Meadows (California) – 2019

Leitner Poma of America, a long-standing partner of the Alpine Meadows ski resort, replaced the 1996 Hot Wheels fixed-grip chairlift this year with a new higher-performance 4-seater detachable chairlift, and took the opportunity to improve the route.


American Flyer

United States – Copper Mountain (Colorado) – 2018

The American Flyer may be the world’s longest bubble chairlift; in any case, it is the longest one manufactured by the POMA Group on American soil.


La repose

France – La norma – 2013

Le télésiège de la Repose est un des deux axes structurants de la station de La Norma depuis 1984. Entièrement rénové en 2013, il offre désormais plus de confort aux skieurs, à la montée comme à la descente.


Northwoods express

United States – Vail resort – 2017

Leitner POMA has created a new 6-seater chairlift for Vail Resort, one of the major ski resorts in the United States.


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Detachable gondola lift

POMA detachable chairlift is the promise of a smooth and comfortable ride to the slopes while appreciating the snowy landscapes.


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Detachable chairlift

POMA detachable chairlift is the promise of a smooth and comfortable ride to the slopes while appreciating the snowy landscapes.

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