The POMA Group is diversifying into wind turbines with the manufacturing process developed by LEITWIND and HTI. This new brand will be called POMA LEITWIND. The POMA Group's commitment and expertise combined with wind turbine manufacture LEITWIND's expertise—both members of the HTI Group—will offer compact and modular wind turbines that will be the first multi-megawatt onshore wind turbine assembled in France.

Wind turbines POMA LEITWIND. A compact, modular and turnkey solution


Innovative and efficient, the range of LEITWIND wind turbines is ranked among the most competitive turbines on the market. Their power curves are the best in the category.

The Direct Drive technology developed by LEITWIND optimizes manufacturing, transport, installation and maintenance processes to bring you a large range of wind turbines:

  • Rotors 70 to 101 meters in diameter
  • Unitary power up to 3MW

POMA LEITWIND is bringing all our know-how and expertise to sector professionals, developers and operators so that you may benefit from the numerous services and solutions we provide according to your needs:

  • Precise technical configurations adapted to your specific project.
  • Turnkey installations including telecommunications, civil and electrical engineering.
  • Operation and maintenance of wind farms.

The assembly of the wind turbine generators, nacelles and power converters will be done in the French Alps starting in 2007.

Here are a few of our most impressive installations from all over the world

  • logo-poma-leitwindPellafol wind farm (France)
  • Wind turbine with observation deck in Vancouver (Canada) 
  • Crno Brdo wind farm (Croatia)
  • Tadipatri wind farm (India)

The Direct Drive wind turbine by POMA LEITWIND

  • vignette_croatie_directdrive_700Innovative permanent magnet technology
  • Compact and modular design
  • Optimized assembly, transport and maintenance
  • Customizable
  • Expertise and know-how